Demons and Dungeons

ARHH, me hearties! It’s time for Tigerboy the Pretzelbeard to tell you about a great new movie series! Wait, I’m getting a message from Ye Old Zarion. Oh. Oops. Pretend this never happened. This isn’t on the schedule for 8:33, this should be for 12:00. Darn. Pretend this never happened.



Okay, I’m back. Ahem,  I mean, oh forget it. I can’t think of any clever introductions. My mind is still in Pirate Mode. Just read the blog post.

Do you like role-playing games?

Are dungeons not scary to you?

Can you sit through a long, boring, complicated game?

Can you lift up instruction manuals the size of a horse?

Can you listen to this parody of Dungeons and Dragons without killing me?

If so, play the game. I’ve already used all of my satire jokes for it.


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