Braces, A Surprise Big Enough to Vaporize Your Sock Drawer, Green Thumb’s Column, and the Wild, Wild, West(Goodbye forever, chances of this blog having sophisticated humor!)Part 1

I am getting my braces. D-Day. Doomsday. Camp Ramah all over again. To prove it to you, here’s a list of the top ten bad things that have happened to me.

The Top Ten/10 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Me In My Entire Life :(

1. Camp Ramah A.K.A. The Dreaded Sleep-Away Camp of No Pretzels(TDS-ACNP) AND Getting my teeth yanked out at the dentist.

2. Nearly drowning when I was taking a shower on vacation. (See “We Interrupt This Spoof For A Special Announcement”)

3. Karion taking over this blog.

4. Estimating things in math.

5. The anticipation of having to wait to find out if I’m going to have a good report card.

6. The anticipation of having to wait to see if I’m going to get on the “Honor Roll”.

7. The anticipation of having to wait to see if I’m finally the “Student of the Month”. I’ve never been the “Student of the Month” in seventh grade, so far. :(

8. Coming home from Camp Ramah to find out that Momicon hasn’t gotten my books on hold at the library that she had time to get, but didn’t.

9. A new book was one of the previously mentioned books on hold.

10. Medicine for the dentist, which makes me “calm.”

Here’s a couplet about my dentist woes.

Do not make me go the orthodontist for braces

It’s worse than having your face freeze after you make funny faces.

I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!! I’m trying to parody my earlier blog post by making a similar real-life thing about it. Is this making any sense? I just had my “loopy medicine.” Anyway, the operation where I had four teeth pulled was this month, last year. Wow.

SURPRISE!!!!! The parody of an earlier blog post was a parody of Phineas and Ferb‘s “Rollercoaster: The Musical” retelling “Rollercoaster.”

Green Thumb’s column is coming back tommore  uphf………………..loopy…medicine…..


to…vbe/////….comtinued xkl’f mtbhwke nfrwgtyi bteruyyyyyyyyy

aiedvjk writ6bng ]









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