Braces, A Surprise Big Enough to Vaporize Your Sock Drawer, Green Thumb’s Column, and the Wild, Wild, West(Goodbye forever, chances of this blog having sophisticated humor!)Part 3(and the final part)

So, I covered the braces, the surprise that turned out to be the Phineas and Ferb parody, but I still need to cover- Green Thumb’s here! Hello, my adoring audience. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, Green Thumb’s column will continue to run, because he finally paid the money. Those pesky bills from the Zarion Blogging Corporation. Also, here’s a little more information on the- Zarion? You already mentioned it. Yeah, for once, I agree with the smelly hairball.  Hey! Wait, wait, wait. When exactly did I mention it? Right here.


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I have done the Phineas and Ferb parody, and the mentions of Green Thumb and the wild, wild, west was a teaser for an incredible event. It. Will. Be.


Don’t miss this story-fantasabala, coming tomorrow.

Hint: Zarion Kreena. Sensational Superclub+Wild, Wild West=Wizard of Oz+Harry Potter= A crossover SO BIG it’ll take 9,000 or more words to complete it. I guarentee it.

Zarion out.

P.S. Loopy medicine=gone

I forgot. Maybe it was because Nathan came over. The movie was fun. It’s ALMOST complete. You’re forgetting something. No, he’s not. Yes, he is. NO. YES. No. Yes. Yes. Oh, so we agree. Oh, come on. That trick works for a stupid rabbit, but not for an intelligent monkey? What were you saying about rabbits? Oh, heh,  I didn’t see you there, Lucky. Rabbits are wonderful, see? I’m wearing a rabbit suit right now! Now, I’ve got you, you wascally wabbit! AAAIIIIEEEE!!! Eh, what’s up, doc? Thanks for inviting me over, Zarion. You’re welcome, and Tigerboy’s right. Does anyone remember “The Gauntlet?” That Spider-Man storyline? Well, yesterday at the library, I found book one.

Hooray! Moose pajamas, and a book!


Zarion-Oh, wait, another thing. See you in The Looney Tunes Show, Bugs. Bye.

Zarion out.


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