Green Thumb’s blog, after a long time of tireless effort, has been deleted from the Internet! To celebrate, here’s a hilarious Facebook conversation I’m having with my Camp Ramah friends/frenemies.
D.S: I hate the Stooges!
M.D.:  I don’t like pretzels!! Or spiderman!

Me: I banish you from Zarion-land! No soup for you!
M.D.:  but i want soup!

Me:  No soup for you! Come back in one year!
Me:  You are banned! Banned from my store!

M.D.: i get soup from someone else

Me: You want bread?
Me:  D and M are banned!
Me: I said, “Do you want bread?!

Me: Bread is three dollars extra!


Updates will appear in a new post. Also, I’m parodying Seinfeld‘s “The Soup Nazi”, by pretending to be the mean chef. MWUAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! No soup for any of you! (Unless you’re Mom.)



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