Funny Quotes From the Kreena Family

Everyone loves funny quotes, so here’s some gems from the Kreena family.

“I got a hefty hiney,  I got a hefty hiney…”Momicon(Note: Momicon said to say that she invented that quote.)

“Ow, a bagel cut me!” Momicon

“Me no know. Computer make me stupid.” Syrika

“Syrika, Cuddles is making a deadly weapon of destruction, AGAIN!” Zarion

“Diapers are for silly-billy boo-boos.” Cuddles(Note: What’s funny about this?)

“I am an alien. Take me to your pretzels.” Cousin Dreeblop, from the planet SodaPop.

“Nieren, this banana is making me devolve into a monkey! Ooh-ooh, ahh!” Zarion

“Why do people think piranhas are so dangerous? I’ll poke one, and see what happens.” Tigerboy, minutes before he was let into the emergency room.

“People of Earth: Prepare for doom. I bring you…Tootzilla!” Cuddles, seconds before he tooted. (Note: NEVER let Cuddles eat lettuce with cheese on top. ‘Nuff said.)

“Look, I’m playing the zipper!” Zarion(Note: I was playing the Perry the Platypus theme song on my coat zipper.)


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