Special Guest Star….

Welcome, everyone! Tigerboy is sick today, so I brought in Danville. He’s my friend, and another one of my multiple heads. Didn’t you know that I’m a hydra? One head is Mr. Ponypants, then comes me, Danville, Syrika, and Jimmy the Talking Pretzel. Don’t ask why some heads are missing, you don’t want to know. Anyway, Danville, any news? News? Phineas and Ferb news. Your name is Danville, and Phineas and Ferb live in Danville, the town. You have the wrong person. I’m Danville, the half monkey, half sheep, werewolf. Wow! That must be annoying. You have no idea. Hey, what’s that? What’s what? That thing sticking out of your pocket. Ears. I borrowed them-Wait, what are you doing? MWUAHHAHHHA!!! It’s time for a game show called… Random Dancing Destruction! You stole that from iCarly, didn’t you? Yes, yes, I did. DZZZZZZLLLOORRRPPPPP!!! Nuts. What am I going to tell (FAKE NAME PROTECTED FOR SECURITY REASONS) now? No idea. Anyway, I have some research to do. I’m writing a murder mystery.                                                                                                      Zarion out.









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