Oddness and Fairy-Toes

Hello. I’m back, and the slack will now lack. No more laziness for this person. Tigerboy, if you will start Part 1 of this post? Absolutely! This is going to be funny!

Rejected iCarly Episode Titles

iNeed an Amputation

iHave No Gall Bladder

iNeed Help-A Rabid Wolverine Is Attacking Me

iGo To A Better Show

iRecreate Seinfeld

iDon’t Know Who The Heck Danville Is

iNever Mind; It’s a Place in Phineas and Ferb

And now, drum roll please! AAAAHHHH!!! Help!!! (crash!!!!!!!) Bob the Drum is pathetic. Tsk,. tsk. Anyway, on to part two.









Hey, Tigerboy? Where’s the script? I don’t know, so-Wait, never mind!


Annoying Things

1. Naming blog posts with things that are not featured in the episode

2. Slurping

3. Slapping

4. Camp Ramah




Zarion (and Tigerboy) out.


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