“Road Trip” Day One:Cheers and Jeers

(Yes, I have taken this idea from the Camp Ramah “Cheers and Jeers” section in the newspaper. What can I say? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Only, in this case, I despise Camp Ramah, so I’m parodying it-Oh, never mind. Just read the article, already.)

CHEERS to a restaurant with free popcorn, and TV screens showing the news!

JEERS to the flies!

CHEERS to finally getting to the hotel!

JEERS to me getting locked in the car!

CHEERS to the Pizza Hut we ate at for dinnerA!

JEERS to choking on part of the delicious pasta!

CHEERS to the hotel letting me use the guest computer to write this blog post!

JEERS to…Well,  I can’t think of anything.

Zarion out.

Ooh! Wait!

CHEERS to a long sleep last night!

JEERS to the coldness and Rica hogging the blankets!

Zarion out.



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