Dumb and Meaningless Questions

Hi, Syrika here. I’ve got a list of stupid questions. Here we go:

Which part is the wink: when the eyelid closes or opens?

Did Mac invent ‘mac n’ cheese?’

Why are board games called ‘bored games’ when they’re entertaining?

Why are soup and stew two different things? Couldn’t someone just call stew ‘chunky soup?’

Why is swiss cheese holy?

Couldn’t iPads just be called miPads?

Can bananas get sunburned if they don’t have their peel on?

Does Zarion have something better to do than sit at his magical computer and yell at his comedy writers with a five o’clock shadow all day?

If deserts are bad, then why are they called desserts?

Shouldn’t warthogs be called something that hurts their feeling less?

When people are five, why are they ‘kids in your garden?’

Who named zucchini? I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!!!

FbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbfbggTh-That’s all, folks!

Random Fact: There is no technical name for @. Most people pronounce it as ‘at,’ but it’s not approved or something.


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