Game Show: Studying With Syrika

Hello, loyal (we hope) viewers, it is time to help Syrika with her studying. She has to memorize the second definition of context and, also, the definition of terminology. Time for a  GAME SHOW!!!!

Syrika? Conterminolotext? Whoa. You have problems. Tigerboy! I mean, seriously messed up problems, like Zarion-Tigerboy! Do you also have a diseased imagination? TIGERBOY!!!! What? Leave. Foo. Anyway, it’s time to help her memorize those definitions with a song in……”Can You Memorize More Things Than A Diseased Woodchuck?” By the way, this is not her idea, the winner will be announced tomorrow. Now, time to memorize the definition of “terminology” with a song. I will type it, then Syrika will name the definition. Are you, ready, Spoink? Yesiryessiryessiryessiryesiryessiryessiryesssir!!!!!! (Too much steak.) Pffffffft! Yes! Sir! Yessiryessir!


T-t-t-t-ermin, termin, termin, ter-ter-ter-minology!  Vocabulary pertaining to a certain subject!

Sub-sub-sub-subject! Vocab-vo-vo-vo-CAB-ulary! CERTAIN SUBJECT! Ter-ter-ter-ter-min-ology!

It relates to a specific subject! Subject, subject, sub-sub-subject….Terminology! Word.

Tigerboy! How many times do I have to tell you to stop saying that?  Sorry. Anyway, it’s time for Syrika’s part. Syrika, what does”terminology” mean? Am I allowed to look up at the answer? No. Close your eyes, and dictate to me.Vocabulary pootaining two ah soitoin superjack? Nyoof foo foo.  Think harder. Academic terms. Wait, we’re out of time. Goodbye, folks!         Zarion out.





















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