Miscellaneous Soup Halloween Spooktacular

Zarion: Like the new format for typing? Play script! This way, it’s easier to tell who’s talking! I had a great time trick-or-treating with Tigerboy, Syrika and Rica. WooHIOOOOO SUGAR RUSDH BALARGHHHH BORK BORK…….(coughs) Excuse me. Anyway, I went as the Swedish Chef, Rica as Spongebob, Syrika as a bat, and Tigerboy as a horrible costume.

Tigerboy: (indignantly)I had an “ugly face” costume. A classic.

Zarion: THE ‘UGLY FAC E’ WAS ME!!!!

Tigerboy: Exactly. And now, the top ten worst Halloween costumes to use. Note: None of these were actually seen by me.

10. A terrorist

9. An assassin

8. A deposed dictator

7. A still ruling dictator.

6. The invisible man

5. A robber

4. A hideous goblin from the Oobleck Dimension (Believe me, I know! -Tigerboy)

3. Swat Team/FBI Agent

2. Policeman with an actual gun, taser, attack dog, and badge.

1. Navy Seal (Hmmmmmmmm…….-Zarion) (Don’t even think about it!!!! -Momicon)

Zarion: Bye, and happy Halloween! BWUAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAH!!!!



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