Tigerboy Interviews…Tyrone Turkey ]

Tigerboy: Happy Thanksgiving, and let’s all give our new guest a big hand! Tyrone Turkey, everyone!

Tyrone: (nervously) Hi.

Tigerboy: So, it’s been a long time since you’ve visited. I wasn’t here when you first arrived, but Zarion was. Footage replay! For your convenience, it will be shown in the new style.

Footage Replay

Tigerboy: This is a voice-over. Tyrone’s first appearance.

Zarion: (cheerfully) Well, I had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. I was going to post this yesterday, but I couldn’t , so here it is!!!!! So, my friend Tyrone Turkey* has some words of wisdom for you.

Tyrone: Thankfully, I survived that terrifying Thanksgiving. Wait, something’s grabbed hold of my leg!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO………………….AAARGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zarion: (pale) Uh, we’re having some technical difficulties here, so please stand bye. (Bye the way, the title of this post is what I an thinking right now.) Hey, turkey-eating-shark, come back here!!!! WAIT!!!


*No offense to anyone named Tyrone.

Tigerboy: Voice-over again. Second appearance. 

Zarion: Well, I have finally found Tyrone the Turkey* with the help of the Zarion Around-The-Clock Search Incorporation. Otherwise known as ZATCSI. It’s pronounced zat-ick-see. Anyway, Tyrone was hiding in the Bahamas. He’s all better, thanks to the Zarion Around-The-Clock-Plastic-Surgery-Incorporation. ZATCPSI for short. Bye, for now!!!!!

*Again, no offense to anyone who is named Tyrone.

Tigerboy: Blah, blah, blah, voice over. Final appearance, until now.

Zarion: (listing people who have made only one appearance on Miscellaneous Soup.) Tyrone Turkey(no offense to anyone named Tyrone)-turkey who, last seen, but not posted, in Las Vegas being served on Thanksgiving. Poor Tyrone. He survived a shark, Cuddles’s cooking, Cuddles trying to cook him, and mutant dinosaur potato chips(Don’t ask. If I get up the nerve, I might tell you the horrifying tale of woe.), only to end up eated by gamblers.

Back To Real Time

Tigerboy: That’s all the time we have! Later, the story of Tyrone!

Tyrone: (screaming) THE SHARK IS BACK!!!!

Tigerboy: Or, maybe not. Still, I can tell you the story myself, later.


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