Zarion: WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! The time is currently 9:23, and I am eating pie with carmel sauce on it!!! YUMMMMMM!!!!! I am going crazy, and happy almost new year! Zarion out!!!!


Green Thumb’s Column: (SPOILER ALERT) Fantastic Four #600

‎(EERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEERRRR!!!!!)
Last year, Marvel Comics killed off a core member of the Fantastic Four. That member was…the Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm. Now, surprise, surprise, he was brought back to life. Who saw that coming? Anyone? I definitely saw it coming, just with less worms. (Worms brought him back to life. Don’t ask me how, I’m also confused.) Can you say, ‘Comic Book Cliche’, aka NOTHING NEW???????


Tigerboy Interviews…No one.

Tigerboy: Well, this is boring. Bye.


Tigerboy Interviews…Himself

Tigerboy: So, me, how do you feel about your one thousandth case with the super hero team you’re a part of? (turns to face opposite direction) Very happy. So many wonderful things have happened. (turns) Is that it? (turns) Yes. (turns) Okay. That’s all the time we have, so, goodbye!


Holiday Song Parody: “The Fourth Month of School”

Zarion: In my fourth month of school

I was horrified to see

an ominous tear in my backpack,

a rip in my lunch box,

confusion with my science binder,

an annoying locker,

a locker neighbor who sprays perfume, and it stinks,

tests are coming soon,

my lunchbox still smells like pickle juice,

Math in general worries me,

a disgusting yogurt spill on the ground,

more annoying perfume,

Science also worries me,

and a ‘Happy Holidays’ to you all!



Tigerboy: Snow equals spectacular. Un-spectacular, because of the lack of snow. ALso, stories are accepted. Short ones. (gulps) Uh, oh. ZARION!!! IT”S GOING TO EXPLODE!!!

(far away)

Zarion: What?? I can’t hear you! The rehearsal of the next skit is starting in ‘Post Transcript Room 3.’

(machine explodes)

Zarion: Oh. That’s what you were saying.

Tigerboy: (charred) Owwww……..