The True Tale of Tyrone Turkey

Zarion: So, without further ado, the story of Tyrone Turkey!

Tyrone: So, after the shark attacked me, I escaped to the Bahamas. You found me, gave me plastic surgery, Cuddles tried to feed me, Cuddles tried to cook me, and mutant dinosaur potato chips attacked me.

Zarion (stunned): Wha….uh….Ahh…ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Seriously??!! Are. You. Kidding. Me? That’s it? Details, turkey! DETAILS! So? Tell the details. Come on!

Tyrone: Well, I really can’t describe it.

Zarion: That’s it. (beckoning to an open door) SHARK! POTATO CHIPS! ATTAAAAAAACK!

Sharks, potato chips: YAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Tyrone: Poop….

Zarion: Zarion out. And so is Tyrone Turkey….Mwuahahhahha!


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