Tigerboy Interviews…The Mad WHUMP-er


Tigerboy: Hello, everybody! Today, I will interview the famous escaped convict!

Mad WHUMPer: (grinning evilly) Hi, Mr. Tiger. It’s nice to meet you here. In a room with a blog being turned into a transcript live. And a fake studio audience…

Tigerboy: Hey, that was a secret! Anyway, they call you the Mad WHUMPer because you kill people with poisoned snowballs. Your catchphrase is “With each WHUMP, more people dump.” Not very creative, and it sounds misleading.

Mad WHUMPer: No witnesses…(pulls out snowball, throws it at Tigerboy)

Tigerboy: (gets hit with snowball; no WHUMPH) Did you really think that could kill me? Anyway, let me introduce you to a little friend. Ladies and gentlemen, Morty the Sound Effects Removal Guy. Also, the Miscellaneous Soup police force. Goodnight, everyone!

Mad WHUMPer:  Curse you, Morty the Sound Effects Removal Guy!



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