Art, Fine Wine and Cheeses, and Poetry With The Abominable Snowpeople

Snowdad: Grunt, grunt, grunt.

Snowwife: (laughs) Grunt!!!!

Snowdad: Grunt out.


Snowpocalypse: Day 2

Zarion: So, Tigerboy accidentally transported us to Iowa, where the potatoes are not as good as Idaho’s. Also, the teleportation device blew up. We’re trapped, and forced to be street mimes. Anything to add, Tigerboy?

Tigerboy: (in mime costume, mimes walking against the wind)

Zarion: Yeah, I saw that coming. Anyway, I hope the snowpeople aren’t polluting the Miscellaneous Soup studio with trash and bodily function jokes. See you next time, peoples, Zarion out. If we don’t respond tomorrow, then either we have fired Uncle Murray, or we have died. According to my calculations, the Abominable Snowpeople’s post should be up right after this.

Snowpocaloypse: Day 1

Zarion: (covered in snow, shivering) O-okay, so it’s been six days. Tigerboy and I ┬áhave declared this a Snowpocalypse.

Tigerboy: Y-yeah. I’m building a teleportation machine to transport us to Iowa. The land of potatoes, and, hopefully, ways to help us with our “Abominable” problem.

Uncle Murray: Grrrrrr….

Zarion: Sorry. (turns to Tigerboy) I told you it was a bad idea to bribe Uncle Murray into being the new transcript writer. Zarion out.


Is it really unlucky?

Zarion: Well, it’s Friday the 13h, and we get a yad wons.

TIgerboy: If you don’t know what that is, read it backwards.

Zarion: So, it doesn’t look like today is unlucky.

(clump of snow lands on Tigerboy, Abominable Snowman, Abominable Snowwoman, Abominable Snow Kids One, Two And Three, and Slightly More Abominable Lazy Uncle Murray Snowman moves in.)

Zarion: Curses…pun intended. Okay, I’m lying. Now we’ve resorted to puns!! HELP!!!!

All the Snowpeople: ZARION, OUT!!!!

(they throw Zarion and Tigerboy out into the snow)

All the Snowpeople: This is our new house!


Five Reasons Why Tigerboy Would Make A Bad Telemarketer

5. Not annoying enough

4. Not annoying enough

3. Not annoying enough

2. Not annoying enough

1. Not annoying enough


In Memorial

Bubbles the Baida Fish: 2008 to 2012: We loved you.


Happy New Years!

Tigerboy: Happy 2012, and goodnight. I have to fish Zarion out of the pie tin.