Game Show: Truth or Pie

Zarion: Hey-ho, people! It’s time for a brand new game show where I ask Tigerboy uncomfortable questions, and if he fails to answer, he gets a pie in the noggin! Any comments, friend?

Tigerboy: I am not signed on for this.

Zarion: There’s that trooper spirit that comes from being a superhero! Speaking of that, why don’t you ever speak about your superhero life?

Tigerboy: (annoyed) I like to keep things personal.

Zarion: You told me your embarrassing “Chihuahua Enchilada” secret.

Tigerboy: That’s different! I never meant to turn on that teleporter!

Zarion: I have a pie right here…(waves pie menacingly) Tick, tock.

Tigerboy: (zips lips)…

Zarion: EHHHRRR!!!! (hits Tigerboy with pie) Out of time!

Tigerboy: Yum…(licks some off nose) Banana cream.

Zarion: Next question. I have heard certain…rumors about you and another Superclub member being seen at a comedy club. Her name has not been released by my spies. Details?

Tigerboy: Didn’t I tell you that I found my long lost sister?

Zarion: That person didn’t look anything like her. Pie time! (hits Tigerboy with another pie)

Tigerboy: (stony silence….ringing noise) Oh, bye. I have a call. (listens, whispers) No, no, I’m helping Zarion with a blog post. His spies have already seen you! Sorry. (listens) See you later.

Zarion: New question: Were you talking to the same mysterious person?

Tigerboy: No comment.

Zarion: Final question. Is her name Kate?

(Tigerboy’s eyes widen)

Zarion: My spies are very effective.

Tigerboy: Just hit me with the pie.

Zarion: (hits Tigerboy with a pie) That’s our show! Goodnight, and happy Pi Day!



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