Happy 600th Post, Miscellaneous Soup!!!THE

Zarion: I can’t believe I made it to 600 posts. Wow. Anyway, it’s time for a celebration! Tigerboy?

Tigerboy: (pulls back curtain) Announcing…fan mail! The one drawback is, we don’t have any fans, so it’s just mail! Letter 1:

Dear Zarion,

Your blog stinks.



Zarion: Well, that isn’t very nice. Tsk. tsk. Next letter. I’ll read it, this time.


Please run for president! I hate Zarion 😉

Tigerboy: (laughing) Hooray! Hooray! We love you, anonymous person!

Zarion:…..I hate you.  Next letter.

Dear Tigerboy,

Why do you put up with Zarion? He sounds like a jerk with bad breath!


Bobo the Talking Charcoal Patty

Zarion: I THOUGHT WE WERE CENSORING THESE LETTERS! Who did I put in charge of that?

(camera cuts to Cuddles)

Cuddles: (stares at all the letters, looks at them….licks them) Appwooved!

(camera cuts to Zarion)

Zarion: Okay…..next letter.

Dear Zarion,

Why do Cuddles, Lucky, Jeremy, and Happy work for you? Isn’t that child/baby abuse?


Concerned Person

P.S. Insult my name and perish.

Tigerboy: I’m going to run away now……POLICE! HE KIDNAPPED ME AND FORCED ME TO DO THIS!!!! I HAVE NEVER EVEN USED HIS TOOTHBRUSH! Well, maybe that one time. I had a bad itch on my-


Tigerboy: My tail. A Chihuahua was stuck to it.

Zarion: Come on, can’t I get even one polite letter? Okay, final one. I’ll read it.

Dear Miscellaneous Soup,

I think this  blog is wonderful! I love it!



Zarion: Yay!@ Zarion out!


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