Live, from New York, it’s Miscellaneous Soup!!!

Zarion: Hi. Through the use of my friend’s phone, I ammaking this typo filled post. Details tocome. Zarion out.


Green Thumb’s Column: Mother Nature

Hooray! What else can we say?

You give us food, positively influence my mood

Sunny skies, extremely “weather wise”

Generous to our crops and flowers, gentle but with great power(s)

Finally, I would just like to say, “Thank you, Mother Nature and happy belated Earth Day!


Zarion’s Movie Reviews: The Three Stooges (MINOR spoilers ahead)

Hiya, folks. I saw the movie yesterday, and I finally thought of a way to creatively review the movie while doing it justice, and at the same time, not being TOO spoilerish. I will review the movie in sentences of seven words.

Thought 1: Read the signs carefully- they have jokes!

Thought 2: Horses were very unexpected-  made me laugh!

Thought 3: Mucho slapstick; poor lion and Curly, too!

Thought 4: Laughed so hard I cried- no kidding!

Thought 5: Stay after the credits, extremely worth it!

Thought 6: Curly’s singing sounds like a drunk Elmo.

Thought 7: N’yuck, n’yuck, n’yuck! We love you, Curly!

Thought 8: Almost choked on my popcorn from laughing!

Thought 9: Obviously top of my birthday wish list!

Zarion out.