Yet Another Message From Miscellaneous Soup’s Sponsor

“Butterbeer is good.” Hog’s Head, Hogsmeade


Tigerboy Interviews…The Roxbury Guys

Tigerboy: Hello, Roxbury Guys. Anything to report?

Roxbury Guys(‘What is Love‘ plays, they bob their heads):…

Tigerboy: Uh, Roxbury Guys? Anything? Hello?

Roxbury Guys (continue to bob their heads): …

Tigerboy: Okay….you had a movie, as I recall. It stunk. Your brief stint on Saturday Night Live never amused me. Anything to say? Anything????? You don’t talk much.

Roxbury Guys: (start dancing)

Tigerboy: (throws his notebook away in disgust) I quit. (leaves the room)

Green Thumb’s Column: An Update To My Previous Column

In my previous column, I discussed why it seems that Marvel may be stretching itself thin. (

I now have number 23 for the list: A potential crossover with Phineas and Ferb. Good morning/afternoon. My next column will come later this week.


A Parody, Not Made By Miscellaneous Soup


A Helpful Hint

Zarion: Someone found this blog when they Googled “what is miscellaneous soup.” Well, I am here to tell you that my blog is called Miscellaneous Soup, because it’s a soup of random (aka miscellaneous) items.

Tigerboy: Such as me interviewing random people.

Green Thumb: And my columns.

Zarion: Zarion out.


Song Parody: Party in the CDC

Party in the CDC

Sung to the tune of ‘Party in the USA’

I mixed up an antidote with some chemicals and my smarts

This is the job of pain, tests, and no animal testin’

Swine flu is cured, worked in the first run

Look all around, see my beakers and charts

This is so hard, everyone seems to be sick

They’re getting ill, so many new diseases

Swine flue, bird flu, I’m getting nervous

That’s when I turned on the simulator

And my cure worked

And my cure worked

And my cure worked

So I send the news out, they’re praising my idea

The shots are sent out

Kids are screaming their heads off

Parents are screaming their heads off

So I sent the news out, they’re praising my idea

Everyone hates the shots

Yeah! It’s a party in the CDC

Yeah! It’s a party in the CDC!

Trying to solve the puzzle in my lab

Everyone’s watching me now

Like “What does CDC stand for?”

It’s the Central for Disease Control!

So hard to cure the hiccups

It’s definitely not easy

‘Cause all I see are equations

I’ll never find a cure

They’re feeling queasy and majorly nauseous

Too much food and they’re complaining

That’s when they all made the call

And the new assignment was given

And the new assignment was given

And the new assignment was given

So we put our gloves on, test tubes ready

The worry melts away

Working together like friends

Joking together like friends

Accidentally dropped a petri dish

And the Haz-Mat team comes in

Yeah! It’s a quarantine in the CDC!

Yeah! It’s a quarantine in the CDC!

Feeling like escaping from my cell, from my cell

Back to my office tonight, tonight

The guards stop me every time, every time

They un-irradiate me and I feel just fine

So I put my gloves on, goggles at the ready

Remember, kids- S-A-F-E-T-Y!

Yeah! It’s a quarantine in the CDC!

Yeah! It’s a quarantine in the CDC!

So I go to my job, they’re cleaning out my office

My happiness melts away

I’m shaking my head like “What?”

Moving my head like a puppet

Lost my great job, stuck at home

And now I’m going to be lazy

Yeah! Sabotage in the CDC!

Yeah! Getting framed in the CDC!


A YouTube Link

Someone recently commented on my blog and complimented “I’m A Muppet and I Know It.” Also, she sent a link to something she made. Presenting, “I’m Furry and I Know It.” Sensitive Viewers Beware: THere is some language.