Green Thumb’s Column: “The World’s Gone Crazy!” Or, What rain is doing to students!

Well, I’m back. Wow, I am shocked. Multiple people have sent me messages on what they heard at their schools today. I believe that the rain makes people a little-stir-crazy, and things are no different in schools. Here’s the top five things. WARNING: This gets freaky.

5. I’m going to cut you. (Note: That means, “I want to stab you.” Hopefully, they were kidding.)

4. What did you just say? (Note: In response to someone else saying something that sounded like a rude word)

3. I’m leaving to get my Master’s Degree. (Note: Sent to me by a friend of mine. His history teacher is leaving. Sad.)

2. MYTHBUSTERS! (Note: Said by the same person who sent me the previous quote.)

1. I don’t have to take my science final!!! (Note: Said by number of people. Apparently, if you pass your Quality Core test, you can skip the final. Interesting.)


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