Green Thumb’s Column: The Sequel- Gimmick or Necessary?

As you most likely know, the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”, coming out June 2nd, has a sequel due to appear in theaters on May 2nd, 2014. I think that this is a gimmick to generate immense hype for the Spider-Man film, even though a viral campaign with at least four (!!!) websites is already being implemented. The director did say that some plot points would be explored to a greater extent in future movies, but making it a trilogy seems superfluous. Also, around the same time as the sequel, a sequel to Captain America and an as-of-yet unknown Marvel Studios movie is coming out. This is going to sound controversial, but I just do not see the point. Marvel is trying a wee bit too hard to gain publicity. Their ideas are good, but they are coming out in clumps. Use baby steps, Joe Quesada, or whoever is in charge. If you use multiple ‘event’ comics in one time, then potential comic buyers are going to get confused. Here’s a list of upcoming/recent Marvel ‘events’, proposed movies, and special issues.

1. Amazing Spider-Man 2

2. Captain America 2

3. Silver Surfer

4. Homosexual marriage of Northstar and Kyle in Astonishing X-Men 50.

5. Comic prequel to The Avengers

6. Comic Prequel to The Amazing Spider-Man

7. Video game of The Amazing Spider-Man

8. Presumed sequel video game to The Amazing SPider-Man

9. Spider-Men mini-series (Ultimate Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man crossover)

10. Avengers Vs X-Men mini series (and all the mini-series that go with it)

11. The Avengers sequel

12. X-Men: First Class sequel

13. Thor sequel

14. Amazing Spider-Man 50th anniversary issue

15. “Ends of The Earth” Spider-Man saga

16. Deadpool “Death” saga

17. Deadpool “Reborn” saga

18. Amazing Spider-Man 700

19. Shattered Heroes

20. Fear Itself

21. X-Men: Regenesis

And, finally, ….22. Point One

I know that I have gotten majorly off-track, but my point is that Marvel Comics should relax, and allow themselves time for a break. Maybe do some funny stories. They could bring back “Assistant Editor’s Month” and do random things. Essentially, I think that ‘special events’, sequels, and milestones can be important in moderation, but other times, it just seems like a gimmick.

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