Game Show: Truth or Pie- SUMMER EDITION

Zarion: Hi! Once again, it’s time for Truth and Pie! Tigerboy, as always, is our unlucky contestant! Anything to say?

Tigerboy: Insurance? Please?

Zarion: I once saw you heal from a nuclear bomb, so I doubt a little pie will hurt you. First question! How many minutes a day do you spend with the Superclub? For those of you at home that’s the superhero team that he belongs to.

Tigerboy: 185, 564, 000 minutes.

Zarion: Is that even possible? Science Team?

(Happy the Baby Monkey punches buttons on a calculator, then shrugs, and throws it out the window.)

Zarion: NEUTRAL! Next question: How many times a day do you sneak away from Miscellaneous Soup, Inc?

Tigerboy: Ten.

Zarion: Honesty! Good! For that, I get a pie in the face! (gets hit with a pie) Yum. Next question: How many of those times are you complaining to Kate about Miscellaneous Soup?

Tigerboy: Again? Really? I’m not answering. Nope. (gets hit with a pie) Nada. (two pies hit him) ZIp. (11 pies hit him)

Zarion: Okay, let’s take a brief commercial break.

Cuddles: Hi, I am Cuddles the Baby Elephant. Do you like pies? Well, now I add special-wecial metal plates to the insides and glue on the outside, perfect for sticking to your wall as a decoration. Cuddles’s Pies, the pies exclusively used on Truth or Pie!

Zarion: Thank you, Cuddles. Final question.

Tigerboy: Yes?

Zarion: If you could quit this job as my assistant/gopher/lab rat/test dummy, would you?

Tigerboy: No. We’re friends.

Zarion: CORRECT ANSWER!!!! That’s all the time we have, folks! Be here next time when I break out the Ulti-Pie!


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