Gruesome Game Show: Sniff…That…Leftover!

Zarion: Hi, hi, hi! I’m your host, Zarion, and this is Name…THat…Leftover! It’s time to, wait…(takes out a cell phone) Yes…What now? Poop. (turns to audience) Okay, JIm Davis has threatened to sue, because this has been used before in a Garfield strip. Time for the artificial intelligence idea generator!

A.I. Idea Generator: (is wheeled in by an intern) Hello, Zarion. This is my idea. The new game show will be called “Fix Those Circuits.” The object is to repair me, because a certain blog creator hardly ever cleans me.

Zarion: Sarcasm?

A.I. Idea Generator: Never mind. I will do it myself. (sprouts mechanical arms/legs and leaves the studio.)

Zarion: THat’s all the time we have. Be here next time when we get called at witnesses in a court case involving chickens, platypi, donut holes, and sprinklers.


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