10 More Things You DON’T Want To Find In Your Locker: Marvel Universe Edition

10. Loki

9. The Hulk, when he’s mad

8. The Hulk, when he’s not mad

7. The Hulk, anytime

6. Spider-Ham

5. Thor, after you’ve insulted his hair (To be honest, his hair is stupid. No wonder Spider-Man calls him “Goldilocks.” -Green Thumb.) (Green Thumb’s comment does not reflect Miscellaneous Soup’s person opinions. Don’t sue us. -Editors aka Zarion)

4. Forbush-Man

3. Venom (The original. -Editor/Zarion.)

2. Doctor Octopus

1. Stan Lee (Scratch that. You could have meetings with him. -Editors/Zarion)

Alternate #1: DVDs of The Avengers 2The Amazing Spider-Man 2/3Thor: Dark Earth, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, from the future. (It would be cool, because you would get them early, but uncomfortable and awkward questions would be asked. -Zarion/Editor)


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