Green Thumb’s Column: The Amazing Spider-Man-Nintendo DS

I am not the best at video games, so I expected this to be a challenge. My goal was to finish The Amazing Spider-Man in a month or two. If I’m not lucky, a year. Instead, I finished it in less than two days. The plot is pretty good, but it seems more like an episode of a Spider-Man tv show than a video game plot. Previous games (Shattered Dimensions, Edge of TIme) had puzzles. The only puzzle in this game is a simple challenge of avoiding electrified walls. Finally, the game I am referring to is the Nintendo DS version of The Amazing Spider-Man. If you are hoping that some of the characters from other version of this game are in here, such as Vermin, the Rhino, the Black Cat, and Nattie, then you are mistaken. You can only spot references to Vermin and the Black Cat in Daily Bugle headlines. Speaking of things that are not included, you can NOT visit Peter Parker’s apartment, collect vintage Spider-Man issues, or special suits, 50th anniversary or otherwise.


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