The Very First Ad For Miscellaneous Soup (Coming For Real on the Seventeenth of Limburger)

Timmy: Hi, Joe. ]

Joe: Hi, Timmy. Guess what?

Timmy: What?

Joe: I just read this cool blog! It has poems, stories, and witty humor!

Timmy: Cool! What’s it called?

Joe: It’s called “Jokes For Folks”. Check for it on WordPress.

Miscellaneous Soup Fairy: (appears in a puff of smoke) Hi, kids! Wouldn’t you rather go on THIS blog? It’s called Miscellaneous Soup! We have….humor and random things.

Joe: That’s stupid.

Timmy: I don’t get the name.

Miscellaneous Soup Fairy: Fine, then. How about working here?

Timmy: How much is the salary?

Miscellaneous Soup: Salary…What is this “salary?
Joe: Benefits?

Miscellaneous Soup Fairy: Huh? What are those?

Joe: So, basically, Miscellaneous Soup is horrible blog?

Miscellaneous Soup Fairy: (disappears)

Announcer: Miscellaneous Soup! It’s…uh….unique!


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