10 Rejected Disney TV Shows

10. Mess Hall. A family, due to money issues, has to live in a sleep away camp. They suffer through mosquitos, uncomfortable beds, and other assorted miseries.

9. Squirrels! When Joe turns into a squirrel, his family must help him cope.

8. Doof! Phineas and Ferb spin-off, comprised of nothing but Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s rambling. (Actually, this one would be pretty good.)

7. Waiting Room. In this show, a family with money issues has to live in a hospital.

6. Vaudeville Village. Set after the ending of Wizards of Waverly Place, this show focuses on everything that ever happened, from Harper’s point of view. Plus, it’s a musical!

5. Baby High School Musical!! Cartoon versions of baby Troy, Sharpay, and Gabriella sing about life, including playdates, playground, and potty-training. Will Forte guest-stars as the monster who lives under the bed.

4. All About Eddie. This is a spin-off of Lab Rats entirely focused on Eddie, the artificial intelligence. (I would watch this, too.)

3. Madison Hall. A school, with High School musical references and singing. WAIT…THIS IS ACTUALLY REAL!!!!!! Disney, get an original idea.

2. 15 Pebble. In this teen version of 30 Rock, teenagers team up to form a comedy sketch show. Tina Fey guests stars as  herself, wanting to sue them even though 30 Rock is ending soon.

1. Dog With A Blog. A family has two completely different siblings. Also, their dog can talk and has a blog. Just a second…THIS IS REAL, TOO!!! Disney, forget what I said about getting original shows. Just cancel everything, except for Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb. Also, bring back Mickey’s House of Mouse. 


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