Confessions of a Rambling Person

Zarion: Hi, everyone. Yesterday, I decided to keep a mini-diary to write in, on my way back from Wisconsin. On the way home, I thought, “Why not show everyone my incoherent ramblings?” For your amusement, highlights on my journey home. *Note: I will translate them into paragraphs.
*Note the Second: Be warned, I did NOT take my allergy medicine before writing some of this. I will alert you when I have taken it.

*Note the Third: ??:??:?? equals Hours: MInutes: Seconds of how long it took to get home, counting meal and food breaks, NOT the time it was at that current event.
2:46: 47 We went to a gas station. Unfortunately, we had to buy things to use the bathroom. We could not find restaurants, so I had a “lunch” of a Three Musketeers and some chips. Inside the bathrooms, there was a disgusting smell and disgusting pictures. Also, the gas station was connected to a BAR, and that’s where the bathrooms were. The bar had stuffed deer and bear heads, a dirty movie, and an AWFUL smell. 😦
3:00:48 We have managed to find restaurants, but we already had a “lunch” comprised of junk food.
3:51:38 I see Lake Michigan.
4:00:31 I need my allergy medicine.
4:07:23 Sarah has a Nintendo DSi. She is holding it up to the window, in camera setting, to create the illusion that she is filming a movie. I can see the skyline and trees in the DSi and in the window.
4:10:54 We get to a store. NO BATHROOMS. 😦 I spy what looks like inappropriate graffiti on a statue of a lumberjack, but Mom tells me that it’s not. Another store, also has ice cream. More importantly, it has bathrooms. Time to use the bathroom! (Note From Zach: I did not get ice cream. I did, however, later snitch some Mackinaw Island Fudge ice cream from Sol, with his permission. Well, more like, ‘nibbled what he didn’t want to eat.’ Either way. Also, I took my medicine after this, with NO WATER OR JUICE. It tasted horrible.)
4:32:52 I have taken my medicine…Going to nap….
4:48:14 Can’t sleep. Reading time!
5:30:40 Never mind. THIS is Lake Michigan.
5:38:58 Stopping to enjoy Lake Michigan. (Everyone but me left to frolic in the water. I still had a headache. Subsequently, I think I was the only one not wet and sandy.)
6:04:18 Moose statue. (The rest of this note is to messy to translate. I believe it says “Raw, bork hat luchadora.” I was tired…)
6:05:51 Five mile bridge/
6:12:59 Dinner time. (Wonderful restaurant. Because Jonathan Rand <HE CAME TO OUR SCHOO!!!!!!!! :)> grew up nearby, his books were being sold. The Michigan Chillers series has finally ended. Sighhh…..)
9:15:28 Dinner (good), return (:( ). (????? What was I trying to say? Never mind. Mom had left her sunglasses there. We had to go back. And. Sol had to pee, after about ten minutes after his last potty break. Ughhhhhh…)
9:16:31 We’re halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.
9:18:11 Pencil trees. (Trees, all in a row, that look exactly alike and have slender trunks that vaguely look like the color of pencils.)
9:22:23 Broccoli trees, also. (Do I really need to explain this?)
9:34:10 Gas station. It was really cold. Sarah nearly got us in jail, the bathrooms were cold. I read an Archie comic that was there. Also, you could find good movies. Bad thing: “Fireworks” was playing, it became stuck in my cranium.
9:??:00 (I put ’14’ for the minutes, but that is obviously not accurate.) I can see the Moon’s face. Why is the moon orange?
9:??:27 (Same problem.) Sarah said that the Moon’s face looks like me. (Compliment or insult?)
12:10:33 (Between this time and the last note, it got too dark to write or read. I sat there, repeating my new inside jokes with Sarah, and listening to an excellent book on tape.) HOME!!!

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