This is a cut chapter from one of Dale E. Basye’s books in the Heck series entitled Snivel. For those of you who don’t know, he writes a series called Heck: Where The Bad Kids Go. I strongly recommend it.

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Here is a chapter that was removed from Fibble, for good reason. Still, writing a scene where dogs and cats play poker together is just too bizarre to keep to myself.

One would think, with the limitation of musculature within the canine face restricting your average dog’s range of expression, that a dog would be an exceptional card shark: able to bluff his or her way out of any situation.
You would be wrong, as Annubis now realized, only minutes before the Wreck Room was due to host a pivotal poker game between the canines and the felines, one that would decide whether the noble dog-god would ever see his family again.
Firstly, there was the tail issue. Realizing that he couldn’t, in good conscience, bob the bobbing, tell-all-tails of the self-dubbed Mongrel Horde, Annubis had tried to teach the dogs to be more aloof. Soft jazz and berets had…

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