Hotel Transylvania: A Spoiler-Free Review

Hotel Tranylvania is an excellent movie, with jokes for adults and kids alike. I give it an A-. I know this review is relatively short, but I have some interesting things to note.

1. When the van leaves the castle, the Werewolf dad is hanging his head out the window.

2. All of the keys are skeleton keys.

3. If you look closely, you can see The Missing Link from Monsters Vs. Aliens.

4. At one point, Jonny’s vampire makeup disappears, then reappears.

5. References to Gremlins. Twilight, Nightmare at 2,000 Feer, and The Twilight Zone can be spotted.


“Saturday Night Live” Gets Scary (SPOILERS)

Hey, everyone! No, this is not a review of Hotel Transylvania. That’ll come later. For those of you who are interested, here’s a list of the characters in Hotel Transylvania that are voiced by SNL stars. SPOILERS

1. Adam Sandler is Dracula.

2. Andy Samberg is Jonny.

3. Molly Shannon is a werewolf.

4. David Spade, as Griffin the Invisible Man.

5. Jon Lovitz as Quadisimo.

6. Chris Parnell as The Fly.

7. Rob Riggle as a Skeleton Husband.

8. Paul Brittain as a Zombie (and one of the Hydra’s heads.)

9. Robert Smigel as Marty and the Fake Dracula.

FUN FACT: “Where did the time go” and “Zing” were written by Robert Smigel, Adam Sandler, and Dennis White.

FUN FACT: Adam Sandler’s wife voices the wife of his character.

FUN FACT: Sadie Sandler, Adam Sandler’s daughter, voices Young Mavis and Winnie.



Hey, Miscellaneous Soup readers! I’m not going to be reviewing tonight’s Saturday Night Live, because it’s a rerun. Sorry, Mick Jagger! If you host again this season, you’ll be reviewed.


Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday Review

Part 1:

Cold Opening: C-Span-YEAHHHH!!! JAY PHAROAH AS BARACK OBAMA AND C-SPAN!!!!!!!!! “This isn’t your mother’s C-Span. It’s your grandma’s.” This is good. “I was a vice president for Bank of America.” “There you go! Free brick!” “Oh, I don’t sell computers. I sell the actual fruits. I sell them to immigrants and the occasional mule. “I chase racoons out of foreclosed homes.” “Yeah, sometimes I eat them raccoons.” Bill Hader is funny! “Can we at least agree that Mitt Romney would be worse?” Everyone starts clapping.

Weekend Update: Funny sports jokes.”Who do we know who’s definitely  free on Yom Kippur?” Yay! Fred Armisen! Offensive jokes. Bad. REALLY offensive joke to Seth Meyers. “Uhhhhh..I hate translating for this guy.” “That’s literally what Dr. Evil does in Austin Powers.” Offensive joke. “I told him he won Time’s Man of the Year.”

Part 2: Weekend Update: Okay..there’s a commercial break. I hope that Stefon appears. Eww…dirty joke about Kanye West. Funny dental joke. COol! Reference to J.K. Rowling’s new book! I’ll read it even though it’s for adults. Yay, Kenan Thompson! He’s really funny. “They paid us in costume jewellery. Funny joke about a stunt and someone assaulting someone with a hammer. Yay! “That girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party.” I sense a recurring character for Cecily Strong. This character reminds me of Drunk Girl. “You need to wake up, Seth. We’re talking over a million a year.” “A million what?” If next week’s episode is as good as this, then I’m going to be pleased. Yay! An insult to Domino’s! Funny joke. “But it should be noted that the only other food in the poll was wet Ritz crackers.” Funny joke about meth smugglers, of all things.

Part 3: Replacement Refs: This is hilarious. Hey, I see Aidy Bryant. Bill Hader is funny. Wait, this possibly means no Stefon. Oh, well. I hope this is a recurring sketch. “Oh, no, I’m not dead. Also, it’s 4:30.” Wait, it’s over.

Part Four: Goodnights: It’s over. Oh, well. An excellent episode!


“There’s no such thing …

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question, but there is such a thing as an inquisitive idiot.” Cal Kreiner

Hilarious and true.


This is incredibly good.

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11 Reasons Why Saturday Night Live Is Getting Bad

11. Kristen Wiig left.

10. Andy Samberg left.

9. Abby Elliot left.

8. Seth McFarlane hosted.

7. The first episode was dirty.

6. The first episode was racist.

5. The second episode was dirty.

4. The second episode was slightly racist.

3. BOTH OF THEM were confusing.

2. The Weekend Update Thursday could have been better.

1. The humor in general seems more sophomoric, boring, and confusing.