SNL Season 38 Premiere Predictions

Zarion: Hi, y’all! We’re actually going to write a review and post it on Miscellaneous Soup after the episode is done airing, so I thought it would be efficient to get all of my predictions put away now.

1. Andy Samberg cameo. Why?

If you look closely, in MTV’s interview with Seth McFarlane, it looks like the Actor II Actor sketch is being set up, which may air in a dress rehearsal or in the live show. As I write this, in fact, the dress rehearsal is going on. Remember, people, this is speculation. Andy Samberg may not have a cameo on SNL tonight. Or Kristen Wiig. Or Abby Elliot. (Sighhhh,,,,WHY, Samberg, Wiig, and Elliot? WHY DID YOU LEAVE?)

2. Ted will be mentioned. My prediction was half-confirmed in the promo’s for this episode, to my disappointment.

2 and 1/2. Horatio Sanz will cameo, in a Ted costume. Or Bobby Moynihan. Also, Seth McFarlane’s STUPID shows will be mentioned.

3. These things have already been speculated by other people, but I’m putting them down anyway.

*Parody of Snooki

*Taram Killam = Paul Ryan impersonation

*A Pharoah becomes POTUS, as Jay Pharoah will commence his Barack Obama impersonations

4. I believe that some real-life political figures will cameo. For instance, remember this article?

5. Finally, fingers crossed, Bill Hader will, once again, act as Stefon.


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