Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday- ELECTION THEMED! Review

Zarion: Hi, ho, Miscellaneous Soup readers! The review of Saturday Night Live’s first election-themed special is coming at you live! I’m going to review it in parts, not counting the cold opening, based on the commercial breaks! My hedework is done, my review intro. is being written, and my dinner has been eaten! Let’s get this party started!

Part 1:

Cold Opening: Fox and Friends: This sketch is always good. Mitt Romney is hilarious. “Real quick, no one is recording this, right?” The camera joke is hilarious. Racist joke. Not good. More racist jokes. Bad. Romney spitting out the McDonald’s and insulting it. HA! Hilarious! Drinking his soda, and spitting it out! “Sugar blindness”…Classic SNL.Romney on Cash Cab. Hilarious! Hooray for Taram Killam, Bobby Moyhniham, and Vanessa Bayer! Or is that Nasim Pedrad? Mitt Romney singing in the shower….Weird, but sort of funny. YAY! The hilarious fact checkers! “The Bible was not a movie first!” B+

Weekend Update: Funny. I really like this. “It’s looking less and less like it’ll be your job.” Ewww…people procreating in a Yankee Stadium bathroom…What? Commercial break already? DARN! Okay….C+.

Part 2: Weekend Update: It’s back. WOOO! Yes! James Carville, aka the hilarious Bill Hader! I thought you would appear! Please let someone make a cameo…..PLEASE……”My momma was a water moccasin.” Ew…dirty joke. Looper reference, which is, as I thought, a reference to his hosting in two days. Yup, they mentioned it. Don’t like self-promotion. Seth McFarlane did too much of that in his episode. WAHAHHHA! A joke about James Carville killing someone! Sad joke about James Carville’s sister. James Carville has a face drawn on the back of his head! Funny! Cool! A voice-activated popcorn machine,and a funny joke! Yay, insult to Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart! Ha! “Shortcut throught the zoo!” A

Convention Cutaways: This is funny! I didn’t expect there to be a commerial parody! This is great! I love this commercial! Bobby Moyhnihan is dressed up as an ugly kid! Eeww..dirty joke. “Order today so we should know if we should start making them!” A

Part Three: Weekend Update: YAYAYYAYYY! DRUNK UNCLE! Sure, he can sometimes be racist, but Bobby Moyhihan is hilarious. Eww..dirty joke. “I’m trending…I’m trending…I’m trending!” “Are these peanuts free rang”?” Racist joke. Bad. Dirty joke. Bad. Drunk Uncle’s impression of his wife on vacation…funny! Racist joke. Bad. He’s singing! That’s funny! “So I’m not a KFC fighter!” Racist joke about Mexico, bad. Again, a racist joke. Bad. Cool! Rosh Hashanah was mentioned! That’s funny! “150 easy meals to find a hair in!” “McNoodles…Unhappy meals.” Three hilarious jokes to end this part! B+

Part 4: Wait, this part might be the good-nights. Oh, well. I’ll find out. Yup, I was right. Ha! Drunk Uncle is walking around in the background! Okay….I’ll rate the goodnights just because of Drunk Uncle. A.

Best Part: James Carville, Convention Cutways.

Worst Part: Drunk Uncle, and the beginning portion of Weekend Update, after the cold opening. It could have been better.

Overall Rating: B+

Closing Comments: It wasn’t completely election-themed, but, oh well. No cameos, Sigghh….Still, it was good. I liked this, and I can’t wait for the next Weekend Update Thursday, as well as Saturday’s full-length episode with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Remember, come here for the reviews, stay here for the reviews! (And the comedy…)


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