Saturday Night Live: Stormy Promos and Predictions For Louis C.K. and fun



1. The hurricane will be made fun of.

2. Barack Obama will appear. (The real one.)

3. Mitt Romney/someone else in his campaign will make a cameo.

4. Weekend Update will make fun of New York governor’s postponing of trick-or-treating.

5. The debate will be parodied.

6. Other comedians will make cameos.

7. The Saturday TV Funhouse cartoons will reappear, because Louis C.K. used to work on them. (Likely cartoons to appear are the Ambigously Gay Duo, X-Presidents, Fun With Real Audio.) (Note: I do not like the cartoons, with very rare exceptions.


A Notice

Dear Miscellaneous Soup readers,

We will not be reviewing Saturday Night Live tonight, as it is a rerun.


The Miscellaneous Soup crew

Saturday Night Live: Bruno Mars (Host and Musical Guest) Gets Review’D! (Punk’D, eat your heart out!) Presenting Violent Debates, A Halloween-Y Stefon, A Sad Mouse, And The Merryville Brothers Work Their Humor, Halloween Style!

Zarion: Hello, hello, hello. You know the drill. No time to banter.

Tigerboy: Indeed. I”ll give my description, after the sketch, not the musical guest…

Zarion: And I’ll describe and rate it.

Host: Bruno Mars

Why He’s Hosting: A new single, and album, I believe.

Musical Guest: Bruno Mars.

Why He’s Hosting: He cloned himself. No, really, see above.

Cold Opening- “2nd Presidential Debate’ Yeah! “With questions based on the severity of their accents..” Funny. I was right! Aidy Bryant is playing Candy Crowler, the moderator. Fred Armisen is funny, so far. “No, winning a coin toss has nothing to do with luck, my friend….4,000 is what I pay my cats…Beat you to death with your…Four more things…” JASON SUDEIKIS IS KILLING IT!!! “I’m about to cut you.” SO IS JAY PHAROAH! “….you and me, outside.” Jason Sudeikis. “Let me at him, Dad!” His son!! Taran Killam is hilarious! I am laughing so hard right now! Bird, threats…Jason Sudeikis is hilarious. She lost her card….FUNNY. Was that a reference to Rick Perry’s blooper…..THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOOD.  He’s shoving his paper in the microphone in the paper..HAHAH! I LOVE THIS!!! He’s talking on the phone!!!!! TOM HANKS MADE A HILARIOUS CAMEO!!!!!!!!!! This is the best sketch of all…..I LOVE IT. A+++2

Tigerboy’s Description: The debate gets violent, Long Island style.

Monologue: I don’t get it..Shampoo commercial?? Okay, this is funny. Singing….He’s not bad. I like this song. “Bitten off more than I can chew..” Be like Timber Lake? I don’t get it. Maybe Justin Timberlake? Yeah, that’s who he was mentioning. Kenan!!! YAY!!!!! Huh?? This is funny. He’s actually a good singer. Cool lights. “GET YOUR *** OFF THE STAGE!” I like this. I like his New Yorker impression. Did he just make a weird joke? Oh, well. Okay, the singing is getting old. “Please, please,  be gentle.” Funny. B-

-Tigerboy’s Description: Bruno Mars sings about his fears of doing a bad job.

Chanel Perfume: This is funny. “I’m sorry, is there no script?” “I can just start making up words.” This is excellent. “Is it just me or do I look super homeless?” A

-Tigerboy’s Description: The Chanel guy rambles.

“Haters With Sunny Taylor Thompkins” Mother-daughter dilemmas. This has the potential to be good. Okay, meth stealing…..Interesting. “I spam people for a living.” Bobby Mohnihan is funny. The booing is funny. She’s waving her butt, eww…. Was that a dirty word? The booing is really funny. Okay, the daughter is Bruno Mars. Funny. “I just wanted to be on television.” They’ll boo anything. HA! He gets hit with a hammer.The booing is funny. Great…more butt shaking. *sarcasm* B

-Tigerboy’s Description: ‘Haters gonna hate,”, as the saying goes. I don’t know what that means, actually, but it seems appropriate.

Taco Bell: “Lots and lots of dry hot sand.” This is funny. Why is he talking about Taco Bell? OHHH, it;s a Taco Bell commercial. I like this commercial. A

-Tigerboy’s Description: THe Chanel guy rambles on about Taco Bell.

**SIDE NOTE: NOVEMBER 3rd, Host = Louis C.K. and Musical Guest = Fun

Pandora Internet Radio Headquarters: I’m not sure what this is. Power crash…What’s going on? Why is this funny? Okay, they’re trying to make sure that everything plays properly. They;re sort of making fun of Star Trek right now. Maybe Avatar. He’s doing a weird version of Green Day. The company is saved! Okay, now now he’s singing Aerosmith. Why are they laughing? Most likely because the concept is so ridiculous. His imitation of Katy Perry is hilarious. Okay,videos of this video will not be played. Copyright predictions. Okay, Justin Beiber impression. He messed up his hair, and is now singing. Now Louie Armstrong. His impression is funny. “Does anyone have a Michael Jackson glove?” Everyone holds up their hand. Okay, he sounds like a girl. Now he’s babbling. “Yeah, no one likes the lyrics to that song.” Still rambling. I’ve heard this song before. “Just beat it….beat it…..” Now this is going to be stuck in my head. HAHAHAHA! HE died…….Sad, but hilarious. A

-Tigerboy’s Description: The radio station is down! Need impressions? Call Devon!

Sad Mouse: I’m confused. This has been prerecorded. Sounds like a Digital Short. Walking around in a mouse suit on..with an American hat. THis is sad. He;s smoking! Ha! His father sent him a letter of the other family. Waving at a person in a frog costime..Awww…They’re hugging. That was was sweet and touching. A

-Tigerboy’s Description: A sad person in a mouse costune finds love.

Musical Performance No. 1: I was right. Tom Hanks would introduce the guest. Okay, I like the beat. What;s he singing? Okay, Wikipedia time. Okay…the lyrics are dirty. At least the beat is good. Wait,…I’ve never been properly clear about this. Here’s my criteria for a good musical performance: Clean lyrics, nice music, and a good singer. I guess, for the last one. I’m not an accurate judge of good singing. Two out of three, because of the lyrics. I really like this. B-

Weekend Update: Yup, debate. “This week was the second presidential debate. Said Barack Obama, there’s a second debate? Oh, crap!” Was that a racist joke? JOke about rural voters. Joke about Honey Boo Boo. Again….Hmmm…There’s a New York debate. Ewww..dirty joke. Cool! New segment! “Debates Dos and Dont’s!” “The slogan is ‘Say it to my good ear!'” ‘America’s Most Boring Nightclub..” Funny. Eww…people urinating. Hmmm…a new bridge made out of trampolines in France. The things you learn. ‘Finally, an alternative to waiting for one minute.’ STEFON!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! ‘The club’s name is Jelly Balls.” “Slurpies….mush….mouse….guarded by an armyof robot cops…” Yay! What Stefon  does on Halloween! 7 pm. I wake up. I go home” Break character! He’s making these weird words! “Located in an abandoned whitefish factory in Little Israel..” “My son..”‘ “Raisins that look like Frasier…” The human piniata sounds offensive. “Sorry. Not midget. Fun size.” I feel offended. I’m short. “A long,long time ago….Say, six minutes ago.” Eww…I think they’re doing a dirty joke. Stefon lives ina garbage can???? A To Infinity And Beyond

-Tigerboy’s Description: Seth Meyers makes jokes, guides us through Debate Do’s and Don’ts, and chats with Stefon.


Merryville Brothers- Halloween Edition!: Yeah! I love this sketch. Bill Hader is hilarious…You know what’s going to happen, but it’s always funny. HA! They’re carrying knives! Funny Edward Scissorhands! HAHAHHAHAH! His name is on the tombstone….Uh, oh, relationship problems. HE JUST GOT STABBED!!!!!!!!!! This is hilarious! A

-Tigerboy’s Description: The Merryville Brothers robots go about their typical weird behavior, with a Halloween twist.

Franklin’s Dog Condoms: Once again, it’s this again. EWWWW>..Dirty/ F

-Tigerboy’s Description: The Chanel guy gets dirty.

 Wilderness Lodge: He has an eyepatch..This seems creepy…Eye patch..I’m getting scared. “Yes. And they point at you right before they attack. It’s rude.’ This is good. I was right. Bill Hader is playing Roger. Ewww…dirty joke. The looking-into-the-camera joke is getting old, but is still funny. EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I am disgusted. Okay, background scene. The owner gets killed, presumable. Then, Roger gets briefly attacked by the yeti, but he decides to marry the yeti. D-, but only because of the owner’s death. Otherwise, it would be an F.

-Tigerboy’s Description: This hotel is located near some weird yetis. Whatever you do, DON’T get near them.

The Subway Doctor:  I’m not feelings so good about this sketch, after the last one. Okay, fourth time appearance of the running gag. Eh, could be better. It lost its steam with the dirty one about dog..I don’t want to type it.  C

-Tigerboy’s Description: The Chanel guy is REALLY annoying me now.

Musical Performance No. 2: Cool, they had Stefon introduce Bruno Mars! Hey…He appeared as Roger in the dirty yeti sketch, so they must have had to work quickly in order to get his makeup and costume back on. Okay, the beat is good. His singing is good. Okay, the title of this song is called ‘Young Girls.’ SOunds creepy, because he’s singing about young girls, and it sounds like a romantic song. Sorry. I’m paranoid. And tired. Okay, the lyrics seem-Wait, I can’t find them. It must be a new song. B-

Underground Festival: Okay, I have never liked this sketch. I’m not even giving this the dignity of a review. Just this: SKETCH. BAD. F TO INFINTY, BEYOND, AND BACK – 2

Tigerboy’s Description: Underground Festival gets political. (Seriously, don’t watch this sketch, or any of the other Underground sketches. PLEASE. Do yourself, and Miscellaneous Soup a favor. Everytime you watch one of those sketches, we die inside.)

Goodnights: I was correct. Tom Hanks made a cameo. This was cut for time, by the way.

Closing Comments: This was SO CLOSE to being my favorite episode. But, it had to be ruined. Oh, well. Hey, Stefon didn’t break character? Cool! Maybe….I’m not sure. Either way, it was impressive. I liked this episode, for the most part. Alec Baldwin didn’t make a cameo, but I don’t mind. The sketch they would have done is dirty, I believe.

Best Sketches: Almost everthing. Please don’t make me list everthing.

Worst Sketches: See above. Please, just read the above. Don’t be lazy, and skip to this section. I’m talking to you, people from Missouri! (I’m kidding.)

Overall Ratings: Okay, the calculations are in. The overall rating is B.


Phineas and Ferb Does ‘Gangman Style’


Spongebob Squarepants Does ‘Gangman Style’


More Predictions for SNL

*Condeleeza Rice is supporting Paul Ryan. Maya Rudolph will return to play her.

*Joe Biden’s Las  Vegas campaigning will be made fun of.

* Debate, debate, debate.

*Aidy Bryant will play the moderator, maybe.


Saturday Night Live Serves Up Promos, And I Tip Them With Predictions! OR, My post titles need work.



1. Cameous from other SNL cast members, or musicians.

2. Stefon.

3. Presidential debate.

4. Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, because she’s in the news right now.