iCarly “iShock America” Review

Why I’m Reviewing This: Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Drach, Tina Fey

Okay, this is good so far. I like Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You’s.” Weird word. ‘Snoodle.” Ha! “Two weeks worth of snot in my pocket.” iCarly has been mentioned. Hey, I thought the “Thank You’s” were supposed to be insults. Oh, well. Jerry Trainor is making me laugh. I dislike the laugh track. Did the Late Night writers help with this? Ewwww…Sam’s mom. I am disgusted. Stop mentioning the drive-through window! …Okay, Gibby likes Spencer’s date-thingy. Creepy. Theme song time. I’ve never liked it. I do like the blow torch at the beginning, though. Okay, they added new images. Seinfeld parody in the image. I saw a clip, which shows that the Seinfeld parody will be in this episode. That should be good. I also saw Tina Fey’s cameo in the clip, hopefully she’ll appear later. I can’t wait for Rachel Drach! Ha. They did angel music next to Jimmy Fallon’s name. Okay….the mock opening of the Late Night is pretty good. I’m impressed. Looks like the Saturday Night Live opening. PLEASE parody Saturday Night Live. When I first saw the pictures of Carly and Sam in suits I thought it was a Weekend Update parody. YAY, Jimmy Fallon appears! “Okay, that’s it. I’m calling the lawyers.” “Thank you, alphabet song, for tricking the world into making the word think there’s a word called LMNO.” Okay, more of the disgusting joke. EWWW. Dan Schneider, this is a show for kids. Stop being disgusting. “Chiz” annoys me. Yay, Tina Fey! Spencer got hit with a bike. Hooray for slapstick comedy! Spencer wants to parachute a G.I. Judo doll from the Empire State Building? Two things. 1. G.I. Joe parody.  2. Isn’t that illegal?  Oh, well. I really can’t wait to see Rachel Drach’s cameo. It has to be funnier than this. Hey, that’s a funny doll. Yay, he gets hit with a bike again. I don’t like the “Cowboy With A Mustache” joke, but I like the peeing part. Hmm…Random Dancing. I like this. Jimmy Fallon is stealing the show. Ewww….a  nudity joke. Implied, not shown. Still, this is a kid’s show. Dan Schneider, why????? Humorous reference to Lorne Michaels. Hey, I wonder if SNL will parody this tonight? Duct-taping his pants. That’s funny.  Vomiting in a hat..funny. Jimmy Fallon is funny. Still vomiting from disgust into the hat. Okay, the vomiting from that character isn’t funny anymore. Funny line. “I can’t believe that used to be a turkey sandwich.” Ha. Jimmy Fallon makes another joke about Lorne, makes his own “Late Night” underwear, and QuestLove finds out about the vomit in his hat. “Spencified.” I like that word. I will ‘adapt’ it. Funny line. Hmmm….subtle Twitter reference. YAY! The Spencer toy caught on fire. Hypocritism. Funny. Also, in reality, the fine for nudity would be much bigger. Great..more horrified vomiting jokes. It was funny the first time. Now, it’s annoying. YAY! The Seinfeld parody has arrived. I like this. Seinfeld music…..Jerry Trainor playing Spencer as Kramer. Jimmy Fallon is really funny. Where’s Rachel Dratch? This is almost over. Yay! Subtle breaking of the fourth wall. Now where’s Rachel Dratch? Okay…it’s over. That part was annoying. Still, this was pretty good. B+.


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