Song Parody: “I’m Deadpool And I Know It”

Zarion: Hello, Miscellaneous Soup fans. I love reading Marvel Comics, and almost the whole Miscellaneous Crew does, too. Deadpool is my second favorite movie, coming only second to Spider-Man.

Deadpool: Spider-Man? That (censored) is stupid! I gots weapons!

(cheering, applause)

Zarion: Ladies and gentlemen of Miscellaneous Soup’s live audience, Deadpool is making a surprise cameo? (quieter) Tigerboy, do you have insurance? Deadpool’s a loose cannon.

Tigerboy: Please. I may be the cohost of the show, but I still live in a separate dimension. You can’t expect me to remember everything. I insured the studio, but not me. Wait….I really have priority problems. Bye. (runs out of studio, goes to alternate dimension where he’s a superhero.)

Deadpool: Wow, expostition much, post transcriptors? Is that even a word? (I don’t know, dude.) (Get a life.)

Zarion: Yes, he has voices in his head. For those of you who don’t know who Deadpool is, here’s something special. Hit it, music peoples!

I’m Deadpool And I Know It

Written By Zarion (and hastily looked at and approved by the network censors) (Network censors?) (Hey, other voice. How can they tell us apart? That’s better.) (Quite.)

Sung By Deadpool  and the Voices In His Head (Andif you don’t like it then -) (Hey, be considerate. These post transcriptors don’t want to have to deal with editing out our swear words live, (censored) it. Oops.) (You do realize that Zarion thinks that everything is a swear word, right?)

When I  kill my victims, police be comin’ by: (Oh, yeah, DUH.)

I have hideous scars

Workin’ in the Weapon X program


Gave me cancer

And insanity, great costume

Makes me look like Spider-Man,

(He’s not a knock-off, yo!)

Yeah, I’m an merc! (So?)

Yeah, I’m a merc. (So?)

Yeah, this is repetitive! (So?)

I like Taco Bell.

Yeah, I’m a merc. (So?)

Yeah, I’m a merc. (So?)

Yeah, I’m a merc. (So?)

I’ve had a mancrush on Thor, attacked Spider-Man, Thor, Fantastic Four,

Zarion: Deadpool?

Deadpool: (censored) I’m singing here ,bro.

Zarion: We never asked you to come here. If you came here just to talk about what you’ve done then I can just make a separate post about that.

 Deadpool: Inner voices, help me! (Attack.) (Attack.)
Zarion: ….Uh, oh…..

The Rest Of This Post Has Been Censored Due To Deadpool’s

Violent Actions. Zarion is resting in the hospital, and will be

better very soon. Be here for the live SNL review.


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