Book Review/Great Debate: The Casual Vacancy(SPOILERS)

Zarion: Hello, loyal members of the Miscellaneous Soup clan- I mean, loyal readers of the Miscellaneous Soup blog. I did a semi-recurring feature in the early days of this blog, and I’m bringing it back for two reasons. One, the three-year anniversary of this blog is coming soon. Two, I am extremely conflicted on how to give a proper review of The Casual Vacancy, by J.K. Rowling. Without further ado, the Great Debate will commence. Me vs Tigerboy, the cohost of this show.

Tigerboy: I won the coin toss, so let’s get this thing started. I think that the Casual Vacancy is an excellent book, because it was well-written and had an amusing Harry Potter reference. (One character recalls a case of an abusive step-father locking his son in a cupboard for five years.)

Zarion: However. the entirety of the book was deluged with swear words. One page alone had ten drops of the ‘f bomb.’ Almost every swear word that I have ever heard (Thanks, Camp Ramah! Thanks, Ted! EXTREME sarcasm, by the way.)

Tigerboy: Character development.

Zarion: Some characters were, how shall I say this? You never know, some young people may read this blog. Hmm…One character…..I give up. Okay, for the first time, I’m going to rate this post as ‘mature’, because I have to use the word ‘promiscuous.’ Actually, no, I won’t. KIDS!!!! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! GO TO THE SEARCH ENGINE, AND TYPE IN ‘Barney’! YOU WILL FIND A TWO PART STORY REVOLVING AROUND A STUFFED ANIMAL TURNING INTO BARNEY!!!!!! Are they gone? Okay. Krystal is promiscuous. The  book is graphic and dirty.

Tigerboy: So is Saturday Night Live, on occasion.

Zarion: You win. I have a compromise. Hear ye, hear ye! The Casual Vacancy is well-written, but should only be read if you have a strong stomach and are eighteen (18) or over.


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