Improvised Play: Zarion and Hopu-chan Productions in “Wheaties Gone, Marshmallow U.N.!”

Zarion: In ten  minutes, this building will transform into a marshmallow!

Hopu-chan: Muahahaa!!

Zarion: Ten, seven, four, negative eleven- NOOOO! IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopu-chan: what is!? where?

Zarion: The Monkeys From Mars! What should we do????

Hopu-chan: luckily we planned for this! get plan B ready!

Zarion: (robot-dancing) Keep eating the mozzarella! It will power the treadmill!

Hopu-chan: faster! faster!

Zarion: *gets partially eaten by a diseased llama* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……*dies*

Hopu-chan: dang…i need to ask the dragon to make u alive again!

Zarion: *un-dies* Luckily, I ate my Dragon-Flavored Wheaties today! By the magic of Grok, I will not allow this dragon to destroy our evil plan of…..what were we doing again?

Hopu-chan: turning the UN building into marshmellows.

Zarion: Really? I thought we were forcing the citizens of America to do extra taxes. Let me check to see if that is in the budget….

Hopu-chan: maybe we should just have a snack.

Zarion: Okay! I’ll get the Wheaties…*checks the mini-fridge* Bad news. The wheaties are gone. However, I found a drunk monkey that we can use for shark bait!

Hopu-chan: EXILENT! muahahaha. oh, do we have left over marshmellows.

Zarion: Yes. SNACK BREAK!

10 hours of marshamallows later…

Zarion: I think I ate too much marshmallows. Hopu-Chan, I think it’s time for the Dragon-Pony-Lemur team to unite! Dancing mascot time!

Hopu-chan: *does Gangman style*

Zarion: *does the robot* The dragon enters!

Hopu-chan: All great powerful dragon!

Zarion: And that’s our idea for a new tv show. What do you think, TV executives?

Hopu-chan: Dragon Ball Z!

Zarion: And that’s our show. Anything to add?

hopu-chan: nope, hope u enjoyed!!

Zarion: Okay, then. From everyone at Studio Miscellaneous Q, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. This show has been sponsored by the Maniacal Monkey Baby Mush company. Remember, ‘maniacal moneys make mavericks!’


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