A Miscellaneous Soup Pre-Review: Showcase Presents Ambush Bug, Vol. 1

Zarion: Here is the  description from the back cover of Showcase Presents Ambush Bug, Vol. 1.

“Just by purchasing this finely crafted, monstrous volume of compressed wood pulp (and IMAGINATION), you will be inducted as an honorary member of the Ambush Bug Fan Club!

For a one time fee you get the compleat (Note from Zarion: Yes, there was a typo.), unadulterated history of the Bug a.k.a Amber Buttane of the Amber Buttane Corps! He’s only the greatest hero EVER…to feature Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on the cover of his one and- we promise- only Showcase Presents volume. Not even that punk Booster Gold could get the Big Three for this kind of publicity.

Face it. This is as close to the ABSOLUTE AMBUSH BUG as you’re going to get! He teleports into mischief and hijinks, and he’s never going to save the word- but why would you ask him to? It’s only right you hold him to the same standards as Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming, Bob Oskner, and the other fine folk who put pen to paper to make this magic happen.

Buy now while there are still plenty of opportunites left!


Zarion: The first two paragraphs pretty much say it all. From what I’ve gained in my browsing sessions, this book is wildly funny, satirical, wacky, absurd, and self mocking. (And I’m watching Mad!) I can’t wait to start reading this. I strongly suggest you read this book.

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