A Topical Spoof

Zarion: Hey, don’t go on this blog!

Tigerboy: It will rot your life.

Zarion: I’m not saying that we’re immoral, but Hades once offered to be our joke-writer.

Tigerboy: Zarion accepted.

Zarion: You want to rot your brain?

Tigerboy: Yes, yes, yes! It’ll heal anyway! (sings) Heal-ing factor…!

Zarion: FILTH! FILTH! FILTH! Let the brain-rotting commence!

24 hours later…

Zarion: I am sorry for my actions. I love my colleagues, and I did not realize how much this would hurt them.

Tigerboy: Translation: I am a lying weasel. My publicist knows all.

Zarion: Miscellaneous Soup has been-No, is one of the greatest things in my life.

Tigerboy: Translation: Money, money, money.

Zarion: I hope you all understand what I’m trying to say.

Tigerboy: Translation: Money, fame, power, mention on Saturday Night Live, cameo on Saturday Night Live, and guest hosting of Saturday Night Live, more TV roles, huge movie career.

Zarion: I hope that all of you have enjoyed our parody of the Angus T. Jones scandad.

Tigerboy: We would have made this a viral video, but we rotted the minds of our budget producers.
Zarion: Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow. I’m Zarion Kreena, and you’re not.

Tigerboy: TRanslation: I am as funny as Chevy Chase, just without the profanity, sexism, racism, and other bad qualities.


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