Miscellaneous Soup Reviews/Recaps: Martin Short, Paul McCartney. Featuring Cameos (Paul Schaffer, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, Kristen Wiig, Alec Baldwin, And Lorne Michaels), That Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party, And The What Up With That Christmas Spectacular!

Zarion: This post, due to a real comment complaint, we are going to do a new segment. I will do my usual review. Then, a cohesive review will be published. Then, Tigerboy will do his review.

Tigerboy: I can’t wait for this episode!!!!!!!!!

Zarion: Have a great day, everyone!

Host:  Martin Short

Why He’s Hosting: I am not sure. He’s hosting Canada’s Got Talent, but I don’t think that’s the reason. The “Anyone Can Host” contest? Just because? One-man show?

Musical Guest: Paul McCartney

Why He’s Playing: No idea.

Cold Opening- “New York Children’s Choir”:

-Rambling Guy: It looks like a candlelight vigil for the Connecticut shooting. I am reminded of the third version of Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song, but I think the first guess is more appropriate. If I am correct, then this is wonderful. That was short. I think I was right. A

-Regular Review: This is a touching and heart-warming tribute to the terrible events that happened on Friday due to Adam Lanza.

-Tigerboy’s Description: The New York Children’s Choir sings “Silent Night.”


-Rambling Guy: I accidentally deleted this, so I will recap it. Singing. Eh. PAUL SCHAFFER. (The original SNL band leader.) TINA FEY. JIMMY FALLON. TOM HANKS. SAMUEL L. JACKSON. KRISTEN WIIG. LORNE MICHAELS.  Dirty song. Martin may have done his Ed Grimley voice. C-

-Regular Review: This sketch uses the heavy-handed of calling Christmas “the most promiscious time of the year” due to the amount of babies being born. I enjoyed the amount of cameos, and I think that Kristen Wiig delivered the best lines. It was hilarious seeing Martin Short kiss Lorne Michaels. Overall, I really did not enjoy this, despite the amusing guest appearances.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Martin Short explains why so many babies are born during Christmas- in song form!

A Tony Bennett Christmas:

-Rambling Guy: IS THIS ALEC BALDWIN?????? I like this sketch, already. “We used to call him the Barnacle. We couldn’t get rid of him.” Yes, it is him. Kanye West! Jay Pharoah, it’s your time to shine! Ewwww…..These constipation jokes are disgusting. “Please go back in time and decide not to say that.” Thank you, Kanye, for not liking the dirty comments. Martin Short is funny.  D

-Regular Review: I liked seeing Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett. Martin Short was slightly funny, but I really did not enjoy the constipations jokes. It seemed too crude and forced.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Tony Bennett and his brother host a Christmas spectacular!

Visiting The Prince:

-Rambling Guy: The Kate Middleton pregnancy is being parodied. Martin Short is hilarious. Dirty word. “Say that word and you will be deported to Australia.” I don’t get it. I have no idea what is going on. What are they talking about? Wait…..okay, I just got the joke. I do not like this sketch. Sorry, commenter, but I do not like this. Bobby Moynihan is funny. Funny joke about playing peek-a-boo with the baby. Fred Armisen is cross-dressing as the queen. D-

-Regular Review: I have to say, teaching the prince the proper way to procreate was not funny. However, the peek-a-boo joke was funny.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Someone helps the Prince.

You’re A Rat B*st*rd, Charlie Brown:

-Rambling Guy: Let’s hope this is better. HOLY PONY!!!!!!!!!! Okay…….Oh, my……I think Jimmy Fallon is playing Larry David as Linus. I liked the two other Charlie Brown parodies that I have seen, but I don’t like this. This is so disturbing. THEY RUINED THE FOOTBALL MOMENT!!!!!!!!! D-

-Regular Review: This was a mockery, in my opinion, of the Charlie Brown classics. Schroeder’s madcap destruction was not enough to save this, nor the mildly amusing joke with Charlie Brown hurting his back while kicking the football. At least they didn’t destroy Snoopy.

-Tigerboy’s Description: It’s a new Charlie Brown special!

Musical Performance 1: I like the music, so far. WOW! Now I know what everyone talks about. Paul McCartney is a good singer. He sounds a bit like Mick Jagger. I wonder if I could imitate him…..Let’s see, he’s playing “My Valentine.” The lyrics are clean. I enjoy them. A

Weekend Update:

-Rambling Guy: PLEASE let this redeem the episode, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….I expect Chanukah and Christmas jokes. Funny joke about the rocket in North Korea. Funny Hilary Clinton joke. Funny Pope joke. Jacob is coming to explain Chanukah. THat is obviously not a boy.  I think it might be Nasim Pedrad. I am most likely wrong. “You don’t have to give a speech, you can just talk.” This sounds exactly like a Bar Mitzvah speech! This story is pretty accurate. “…..Because my brother Tom can’t even defeat cleaning his room.” This is funny. “This is a miracle, much like my mother leaving a sale, empty-handed.” I think that some people will not like this sketch, but I hope Jacob becomes a recurring character. “…..more like a low-level roast of your family.” “Who I ask you please not talk to each other, because my stories will not line up.” BOO, JERsey SHore! Weird joke about that. Partially funny, I guess. Cool! A fraction-adding dog. Ewww….dirty Google joke. Funny joke about deer contraceptives. THE GIRL YOU WISH YOU HADN;T STARTED A CONVERSATION WITH AT A PARTY! Come on, what about Stefon! “It’s a trajesty.” “Learn a book.” THis is hilarious!!!!!! Weird Secret Santa joke. “WOw, hello, it’s 2010.” Ewww…. HAHAHAHHHA! “I asked for a new iPad.” “Well, I asked for an end to genocide.” “It’s origami. That’s Spanish for ‘goose.'” Bob Marley joke. Reference to the 12-12–12 person. Ewww…”Even more surprisingly, it was following him in a car.” No Stefon?? BOO! B+

-Regular Review: Most of the jokes were funny. I was disappointed by the lack of Stefon. Other than that, this was funny. I’m glad that they did not make fun of the alleged Apocalypse.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Seth Meyers makes jokes about the news, and speaks with Jacob, and That Girl You WIsh YOu Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At That Party.


What Up With That Christmas Spectacular:

-Rambling Guy: Yes!!!!!!!! Samuel Jackson appears again!!!!! “Going to be a relavation……: I give up. The quotes are too good. Just think of rhyming, singing, classic Kenan Thompson hilarity. Okay, Carrie Brownstein was the other person cameoing. “I have no idea what’s happening.” Cool, Samuel L. Jackson was in Django Unchained. Yeah, Bill Hader as Lindsay Buckingham will not be able to say the true meaning of Christmas. “Listening to voices…” Oh, the irony. Kenan isn’t listening, he’s just singing. Female Grinch? That is very creepy. No offense, but her costume is scaring me. Yup, they’re out of time. Did Samuel L. Jackson just swear? Portlandia? Oh, right, she stars in it with Fred Armisen. A

-Regular Review: What can I say? I loved this. I also was not the only one who noticed that Samuel L. Jackson dropped the F-bomb and the S-bomb on air. I am rewatching the recording, and he apparently did that because….Actually, I’m not sure. Maybe he improvised it. Maybe they didn’t have a chance to bleep it out. Even if Kenan was ad-libbing, or staying on script, I liked his line of “Hey, watch it. Those cost us money.” Oh, those pesky censors. I’m being sarcastic. Without censors, SNL would be a lot dirtier. Anyway, I, as always, enjoyed this sketch.

-Tigerboy’s Description: What Up With That has a Christmas spectacular, with special guests, Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie Brownstein, and Lindsey Buckingham.

Musical Performance 2: Okay, apparently Joe Walsh played the guitar for the first performance. I like the singing. I like the drums. I like the guitar. Okay, this is a Nirvana reunion, and they are playing “Cut Me Some Slack.” Clean lyrics! I like this. A

Meeting Up With Old Friends:

-Rambling Guy: Hooray for Kenan Thompson! OKay, people meeting at a hardware store. James Cameron impersonator??? “No, NO, I’m not going in there.” “No, no, I’m getting painted on.” Ew. “No, that was a lie I spread.” This is funny. “25 bagels a day.” Martin Short and Fred Armisen are funny. “I don’t know ANYTHING about World War 2! I also discovered that I don’t know how to write a book.” “I don’t have a son.” Eww…Dirty jokes. A March 8th Christmas party???? “I live in a field now.” Taran Killam makes me laugh. A

-Regular Review: This made me laugh. ‘Nuff said.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Two friends meet up, and discuss life. Life involving lying about the Olympics. And World War 2. And stupidity.


Pageant Auditions:

-Rambling Guy: Okay, this seems good. Cheering? Huh? This seems funny. I would have guessed that Ed Grimley would appear. After all, they’re playing the triangle. “I assume you know how to read music.” Okay, Paul McCartney is playing Martin Short’s partner. I like the ironic singing jokes about McCartney’s character. His whining is funny. This is a rare reversal. The last part of the episode is better than the first. “Ge was stuck in a tree.” “I HATE YOU!” Yay, Paul McCartney is singing! Yeah, this sketch isn’t going to be on Hulu. Hey, the choir from the cold opening is back! The episode is almost over. Is this going to spill over into the goodnights? A

-Regular Review: This started out as a hilarious Christmas pageant sketch, and morphed into Paul McCartney singing. I liked it.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Two Christmas pageant audition partners are having some conflicts of interest.

Goodnights: Yes, the previous people guest-starred. Oh, they’re called the “New York Children’s Choir.” Yup, it was cut off.

Closing COmments: No Stefon. Sigghhh…..The cold opening was an excellent tribute to the children. I wish this episode was more appropriate. Sadly, Ed Grimley did not appear, but Martin Short may have used that voice in the monologue.

Best Sketch: The cold opening.

Worst Sketch: “Visiting The Prince”

Overall Rating: B+ (I used a calculator.)


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