A Belated Review: Showcase Presents Ambush Bug, Volume 1 (SPOILERS)

Humor: In the early issues, Ambush Bug is, in essence, Deadpool. Later, he goes insane, and his teleportation powers become permanent. This leads to him becoming a sort-of Bugs Bunny-ish anti-hero. Later, it does get rather confusing, because the series is played like a sketch comedy. The main story is interrupted multiple times by random joke pages, stories, and even covers. Eventually, this gets exasperating. There is some racism/sexism/dirty jokes, but it is played for laughs. There’s some hilarious jokes about DC Comics (including the apparently lackluster sales of Wonder Woman) and Darkseid appears randomly, for a running gag. Apparently, there was a huge crossover going on with Darkseid appearing as the actual villain. Hence, he shows up in Ambush Bug as a worker at McDonald’s.

Appropriateness: Like I said, you can find minor examples of racism and sexism. That is as far as it goes.

Best Parts: The ‘explanations’ for the disappearance of classic characters (yeah, right) such as Wonder Baby, Krypto the Superdog, and (bwahahahah) Ace the Bat-Hound. Ambush Bug even breaks into uncontrollable laughter when recounting their stupid/badly written origins. Did I mention the breaking of the fourth wall? Look very carefully. Some jokes about the creators are very subtle, but you can find them. (Hint: One of them used to work as a toilet cleaner.)

Worst Parts: Pretty much what I mentioned in the “Appropriateness” section. The later issues (Son of Ambush Bug) could be better.

Final Rating: B-


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