Next Year In Miscellaneous Soup!

Zarion: Yo, my peeps! The tagline for this blog isn’t very accurate,

Tigerboy: “Humor, Saturday Night Live reviews, and a sprinkling of just about everything!”. Yeah, right. Saturday Night Live yes, everything else, no.

Zarion: So here’s a preview of what is to come.

Dr. Soup-Van H0ffer: Allo. I am ze new recurring character, to be in a segment entitled “Dr. Soup-Van Hoffer Analyzes Cartoon Characters.” You vould be zurprized at how dizturbed zhey are. Take Superman, for example. He-

Zarion: Save it for the show. We don’t want anything getting ruined.

Tigerboy: Also, we’re going to get some sketch comedy. “The Lego Family”, for instance.

Zarion: Stories and poems.

Tigerboy: Finally, we will accept suggestions. Just comment with a suggestion, and we WILL do it. No dirty suggestions, or swearing.

Zarion: Finally, again, here is a teaser of a new segment.

Aquaman In “Going To The Movies”

Aquaman: Ah, I love going to the movies. Come on, my finny friends. (wheels in huge bucket of fish, water slops everywhere.)

Aqualad: I hate these family movie trips. You’re not even my dad.

Mera, the AquaQueen: Don’t complain, dear. Be a lamb and help me bring Topho in.

Topo: (gurgles)

Aqualad: (grumbles)

End Of Segment

Zarion: We hope you have enjoyed that portion.


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