Next Year In Miscellaneous Soup, Part 2!

Zarion: New posts come to you, if you subscribe. As for pages, we are not sure. So, for the few subscribers we have, we’re going to provide links to the pages in these posts.

Tigerboy: These pages will include biographies of our new characters, and sketch descriptions.

Zarion: Also, the blog has changed to a new format, in order to better suit our plans.

Tigerboy: We will update the pages with links to the sketches whenever possible.

Zarion: Due to time issues, this will be hard, but, eventually, it will get done.

Tigerboy: THe first of the new posts will be revealed on New Year’s Eve, for reasons I have just thought of now.

Zarion: What reasons?

Tigerboy: Sketch idea. “Aquaman Celebrates New Year’s Eve.” No one comes to his party, even his pet octopus.

Zarion: EXCELLENT! We will get started writing it immediately.



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