Sketch Comedy: Aquaman Goes To The Movies

Aquaman: Ah, I love going to the movies. Come on, my finny friends. (wheels in huge bucket of fish, water slops everywhere.)

Aqualad: I hate these family movie trips. You’re not even my dad.

Mera, the AquaQueen: Don’t complain, dear. Be a lamb and help me bring Topho in.

Topo: (gurgles)

Aqualad: (grumbles)

Ticket Salesperson: Uh, sir? You can’t bring a live octopus into a movie theater. I’m pretty sure there’s a law against that. Also, did you kidnap those children?

Aquaman: How can you accuse me of that? I’m Aquaman!

(His statement is met by silence. Aqualad tries to leave the movie theater, but Aquaman blocks the exit.)

AquamSan: Here’s his birth certificate.

Ticket Salesperson: Well, this seems to be in order. What movie do you want to see? Wait, let me guess. The Avengers!

Aquaman: NO! Never!

Ticket Salesperson: A special showing of The Amazing Spider-Man?

Topho: (loAoks disgusted)

Ticket Salesperson: The Dark Knight Rises?

Mera: No.

Ticket Salesperson: Hmmmm…..Howard The Duck?

(Everyone looks enthusiastic. The tickets are bought.)

Popcorn People: Hi, would you like some popcorn?

Aquaman: Sure! (buys an extra large bucket of popcorn for himself)

(They go into the movie theater, slopping water everywhere.)

Aqualad: These seats are uncomfortable.

Mera: We’re too close to the screen.

Aquaman: (finishes the popcorn) This is really salty….Has it been an hour already?

Movie: Trapped in a world he never made…

Topho: (sleeping)

Mera: This is horrible.

Aquaman: Seriously, I need some water. I’m going to die in about five minutes.

Random Audience Member #1: Shut up!

RAM #2: We’re trying to watch the movie!

Nearly two hours later…

Movie Theater Employees: (poking at Aquaman with a stick) I think he’s dead.

(Corpses of Aquaman, Aqualad, and Mera twitch. Flies buzz around them.)

Topho: (gurgles)*

*Translation: Good thing Aquababy was left home with a babysitter.


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