Sketch Comedy: Aquaman’s New Year’s Eve Party

Aquaman: (cleaning his apartment by hand, and with the fish) I’m so excited! Everyone’s going to be here by eight o’ clock pm! I’ve sent out the invitations, I’ve made the food! Everything is done! (looks around) Mera? Honey? Where are you?

(Mera walks into the living room.)

Mera: I’m sorry, Aquaman, but I…uh…have contracted a case of the….eel flu! Yes, the eel flu! Topho, Aquababy, and Aqualad have it, too. We all must get to the hospital.

Aquaman: No, I’ll take you! FISH OF THE SEA, I COMMAND YOU TO HELP ME!

Mera: No! T-that’s not necessary. Come along, dears!

(Mera, Aqualad, Topho, and Aquababy leave the room.)

Aquaman: (sighs) Oh, well. At least the Justice League is coming. I tried to invite all of the DC Comics characters. Geoff Johns himself said he would come! I even invited (shudders) some Marvel characters to come.

Time passes….It is now 8:24.

Aquaman: (on communication device) Yes, Superman. Hi. Are you coming to the party? Oh…Okay, yeah, I understand. Darkseid’s returned. I’ll try Wonder Woman. Oh, she’s also there? Okay…(hangs up) I guess it’ll just be me this year. And last year. It seems like Darkseid comes every year. Why don’t they ever need my help? I just hope that they’re okay.


(Scene: The house of Black Manta, Aquaman’s mortal enemy.)

Black Manta: WOOOO! Is everyone having a good time? I have cheese doodles! (hands out platters of cheese doodles)

Superman: Great party, dude! Aquaman fell for the old ‘Darkseid’ trick again! I can’t believe the poor sucker fell for it!

Batman: I’m the world’s greatest detective, and his idiocy confuses even me.

Geoff Johns: Hey, hey, hey, everybody! I’m here, and I brought a friend!

Stan Lee: Face front, true believers! Now this is a party!

Mera: Are we late? I had to use the ‘eel flu’ trick. Moron!

Ambush Bug: Yo-de-yo! I’m here, and you can’t get more fun than me, unless you brought Deadpool, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. WHICH I DID!!!!!

End Cutaway

Aquaman: At least there’s one person with me. Hello, camerawoman.

(Camera falls to the ground, and a scuba-gear-clothed person is seen swimming frantically away.)


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