Breaking News From The “News Update Desk!”

Tigerboy: Justin Bieber posted a tweet on Twitter saying ‘2013. what’s coming #snl??’

Zarion Kreena: Meanwhile, his evil army of publicists stated that he would be making an appearance on the Valentine’s edition of Saturday Night Live. Crazed fans also rumor that Selena Gomez will appear.

Tigerboy: If he does appear, then this will signify the worst episode of Saturday Night Live in the history of bad episodes.

Zarion: This is so horrifying, that our writers died from joke overload. We have no puns, quips, jokes, or means of survival. Our writers do everything for us!

Tigerboy: HELP!

Zarion Kreena: This has been a…What do you call it? An information-thingy broadcast from the sitting-object. Good …..time of darkness and happy a happyful…next day.



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