Game Show: Chubby Bunnies X-TREME

Generic Game Show Host: Hi, I have a horrible name, and welcome to Chubby Bunnies X-TREME, live from Studio 10Q! You all can shove marshmallows in your mouth, but can you do it while juggling? Making bratwurst? Imitating Batman? Stay tuned to find out!

Steve: Hi, I’m the first contestant.

GCH: Excellent. You must face off with Dawn, as you both stuff marshmallows in your mouth and complete mystery challenges.

Steve: Is this safe?

GCH: We tested it out on interns. The results were inconclusive. MOVING ON! Dawn?

Dawn: I’m going to mess you up, punk! You’re going down! I can detach my jaw!

GCH: Steve. You must stuff yourself with strawberry marshmallows as Dawn whacks you with a mallet for one minute.

Steve: A foam mallet, right?


(Dawn whacks Steve with a real mallet as he frantically shoves marshmallows in his mouth.)

Steve: OW! (Censored) That hurts-AGH! I’m choking!

GCH: And, stop! Now, Dawn, you must shove marshmallows in your mouth, while giving Steve the Heimlich maneuver.

Dawn: It’s not working- (choking) Acckkk….

GCH: Aaaand…we’ve just been cancelled! Goodbye! That’s our show!

Dawn: (spits out marshmallows) We could have died, you sadist! What are you, a serial killer?

(GCH freezes, and slowly heads for the camera. Dawn and Steve nervously look at each other. The cameras go off, and the lights turn dark)

GCH: None of you can leave.

(Dawn and Steve scream. End scene.)


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