Sketch Comedy: Behind The Scenes

(The Miscellaneous Soup writing office.)

Zarion Kreena: Okay, guys. I have some news.

(Tigerboy, the writers, and Bobo the monkey sit down at the table.)

Man No. 2: What is it this time? We just finished writing “The Lego Family Has A Party.”

Zarion Kreena: Yeah…that’s the thing. I’m cancellng that sketch.

Woman No. 1: Why? We had just achieved the perfect blend of political satire, observational humor, and modern life.

Zarion: I replaced it with a fictionalized version of how we run Miscellaneous Soup.

Tigerboy: Really? It just sounds like you’re ripping off CollegeHumor, a website that features a recurring sketch called “Hardly Working”.

Zarion: No, it’s completely different. The sketch will show a funny version of how we run things and write sketches.

Woman No. 1: I don’t think that would work. We’re not funny, here. Stick to ‘News Update.’

Man No. 4: Wait, is this being recorded?

Zarion: Yes, it was my subtle way of telling the readers that a sketch series will replace the Lego Family.



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