Saturday Night Live Review/Recap- Season 38, Episode 11- Jennifer Lawrence, The Lumineers: FEATURING Multiple Hobbits, Piers Morgan, And The Post Hunger Game Press Conference

Zarion: WOW, I can’t wait for this episode. I need a brain break.

Tigerboy: Why?

Zarion: Finals.

Tigerboy: That’s rough, I’m sorry. Let’s hope this episode is especially funny. So, last minute predictions.

Zarion: The attack ad on Barack Obama’s children. No. really. It’s real. Tsk. tsk, NRA.

Tigerboy: The ‘Mant e’ O fake girlfriend” scandal.

Zarion: Bye, back to studying. Well, after the introduction. Also, one final prediction. Stefon. We are long overdue.

Tigerboy: Remember. Zarion writes his rambling guy portion while he watches the sketch. Then, he makes a cohesive review. Also, I give an unintentionally bad description of the sketch.

Host: Jennifer Lawrence

Why She’s Hosting: A movie called The Silver Lining that I have not seen.

Musical Guest: The Lumineers

Why They’re Playing: Their musical role in The Silver Lining, and a possible album. At least, definitely because of the Grammy nomination. Or The Hunger Games. Okay, we have no idea. It’s sad that no Hunger Games parodies will be made.

Cold Opening- “Piers Morgan Tonight”

“Rambling Guy”- YEAH! His voice always made me laugh. Lance Armstrong! “Most despicable, vile, person” Jason Sudeikis is playing him. “WHO SAID THAT? WHO?” “So the blame is probably 70-30 on you..” I dislike the swear word. “Replace all of my blood with better blood.” “Is it cheating, maybe. ” “Am I sorry I did it? Maybe….PS….NO” This is GOOD. Yes, I was right. Mant E’O’s lie. Bobby Moynihan’s face is cracking me up. “Hey, I have bad news. I’m dead.” “Oh, no. Do you need a ride to the funeral?” Yup, she’s imitating Sally O-Mally, former SNL character. I believe that that is Kate McKinnon. Her gnomes??? Downey and Gibson are NOT good role models. My predictions of the parodies were spot on. B

-Tigerboy’s Description: Piers Morgan chats with Jodie Foster and Lance Armstrong about their lies and/or ambigous statements.

-Regular Review: Taran Killam’s annoying, whiny-voiced Piers Morgan is amusing, but I wish that they had done more with his gun control opinions. They only briefly mentioned it in the end, with him going to have a gun control debate with Liam, a One Direction member. Other than that, this sketch was pretty solid. I enjoyed everyone’s celebrity impersonations, although Kate McKinnon’s impressions always sound vaguely like the same person. Wait, that’s because they are. Oops. Also…I just noticed something weird. Kate McKinnon is the first openly gay SNL cast member. Jodie Foster may be openly gay, and Ellen Degeneres is. She plays them, on the show. Are the writers being offensive? Probably not, I’m just tired and paranoid. I keep hearing something touching the window, and something else that sounds like a bat.


“Rambling Guy”- Is it just me, or is Jennifer Lawrence really tall? Oh, the Globes took place in Los Angeles. “So when I won, I couldn’t wait to rub it in their faces.” HAHAAHHAHAHA! Bill Hader is hilarious as Tommy Lee Jones. His deadpan face, weird head dancing, and vampire appearance. “But the Oscars are another story.” Yay, insults! “So, what, in Winter’s Bone, I caught a squirrel, and then I ate it.” I am interested in roasts, and this is similar to a roast. Hey, I get that reference. Fresh Prince, I think. A

-Tigerboy’s Description: Jennifer talks about the Golden Globes, and roasts some celebrities.

-Regular Review: This sketch was simple, and to the point. It didn’t make overtly-long jokes about annoying things, as other monologues have done. Also, it wasn’t a musical monologue. We have had too much of those, and I fear that they may reappear in the next two episodes.

Verismo, system by Starbucks:

“Rambling Guy”- Yes, a commercial parody. This looks good. Coffee, Starbucks. Voice feature? That’s funny! “Okay, so one tea, or a latte?” “Uhhhhhh….Hold up.” “Nine minutes away from getting your coffee…” This is similar to a drive-through. “Discarded wooden stills…” A

-Tigerboy’s Description: Starbucks introduces a new voice feature coffee pot for your home.

-Regular Review: A simple item is mentioned, that quickly becomes wacky. Hilarious. I was reminded of the HIV-shot dolls from a previous season. It was the last one, I think?

Girlfriend’s Talk Show:

“Rambling Guy”- I saw the screenshot, I know they’re doing this. Somehow I thought this was going to happen, but I forgot to include it in my predictions. I know people don’t like this sketch, but I do. “Yeah, and um, I’m not sure what this girl is about.” “Nobody told me about this at all.”  Aidy Bryant is hilarious. That’s just confusing about…Salads and photo frames? “New topic. Makeup/Guinea pigs!” “He bit a baby so you guys had to put him to sleep.” “Um, you wish you pooped little pellets.” “Because he has a voice like an angel voice!” What’s a cougar? It sounds like they’re using it not in the sense of an animal similar to a panther. B-

-Tigerboy’s Description: Morgan has more friend problems.

-Regular Review: This sketch didn’t make me laugh as much as the previous one, but I enjoyed it. Jennifer Lawrence as a goth girl didn’t really impress me, and that may have been because I already saw her being serious and creepy in The Hunger Games. Still, I liked the sketch.


Post Hunger Games Press Conference:

“Rambling Guy”- Hey! SHe lied! I’m not mad, this will be hilarious. “I found it helped to take my mind of the constant, crippling hunger…” Peeta’s voice makes me laugh. “They’re all dead.” “Really? All of them? Is that unusual?” “No, that’s how the Hunger Games work.” “I usually cover the golf beat.” “Will it be possible to get some branches or roots to eat?” “Well, you’ve got to give a lot of credit to the wasps. They were great.” Taran Killam is doing a good job as Peeta. Hooray for Jay Pharoah! “Have you been using performance-enhancing drugs?” “Follow up for Peeta: Have you been using performance-dehancing drugs?” Bill Hader makes me laugh. His beard is realistic, as portrayed in the books and movies. “Well, for one, you’re so much taller than him.” “And I’ve been standing this whole time.” “When you shave, can I eat your beard?” A

-Tigerboy’s Description: People ask annoying questions at the press conference, and insult Peeta.

-Regular Review: Easily the best sketch of the night! What to say, what to say! First: Taran Killam, as a whiny, emasculated (I think I’m using that word correctly- I saw it on Seinfeld) Peeta. Hilarious. Weird reporters? Good. Jennifer reprising her role as Katniss? Excellent. Bill Hader playing their mentor, Haymitch? Priceless. A perfect match. Almost as funny as last season’s Hunger Games Puppy Bowl joke. Those poor puppies…

More Hobbit Movies!:

“Rambling Guy”- Cool! Satire of the extremely long Hobbit movie parst! “Hobbit 4: (unintelligble) Maps: An Unexpected Detour” Picking a dress??? Dinner bills???? I have to say, this episode has been worth the wait. “Hobbit 13: Gandalf Tries To Remember A Name” Grumpy Old Hobbits??? The singing is impressive. Now it just sounds like a capella. …Okay, rude joke about Peter Jackson’s camera work. Apart from the language, it’s pretty funny. “Hobbit 19: Road Trip!” B

-Tigerboy’s Description: You find three Hobbit movies too unpleasant? Here’s more!

-Regular Review: Observation humor, in a way. I enjoyed it.

Johnny Two Tones:

“Rambling Guy”- This reminds me of a parody of Ed Debevic’s. I think it is. Yay, Aidy Bryant! “Oh, a loaf for the big oaf!” “You’re stupid and I hate you.” I like this sketch. “The saddest part is that you all know that you’re trash.” “That water is from the toilet.” “You peaked in high school….You’re going to die in your bathroom.” “Like Elvis?” “Yeah, except that no one will miss you. SHE’S HOLDING A SWORD! Bill Hader as Donny, the manager. His voice makes me laugh. Whipped cream on their heads…A

-Regular Review: I’ve been to Ed Debevic’s, and this has never happened to me. Good sketch.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Some insults are more cutting than others at this restuarant.

Musical Performance No. 1:

“Rambling Guy”- Hey, is that the banjo? I believe this is the song “Hey, Ho.” The main singer looks like Seth Meyers. Okay, the song is “Ho Hey.” When they say “Ho” and “Hey”, they sound like barking dogs. It annoys me. The lyrics remind me of Scooby-Doo…”I belong with you.” “You belong with me.” OKay, the lyrics are clean. I give this a B-.

Weekend Update:

“Rambling Guy”- This is usually my favorite part of my show. “This week, Lance Armstrong disappointed the last guy on earth who believed him.” “He didn’t even need a bike.” Yup, more of the ‘fake girlfriend’ thing. Hmmm…Gun appreciation day. “So don’t forget to set your alarm clocks back 100 years.” “hissing possums..” “A musical performance from the black-eyed P.” This is really great. Anthony Crispino! COol! Bobby Moynihan’s Weekend Update character. “You know who directed it? The Aflac duck!” “Yeah, George Lopez.” “Technically, Kris is still married to Chris Christie.” “He was so mad he threw a roller coaster into the ocean.” SNL is really quotable tonight. “He played seventeen seasons, no left foot.” “Johnny Depp is too big for his house.” “Lance Armstrong. Did you hear about this? He finally admitted he;s a dwarf. …Yeah, he’s dopy. He said it at the opera.” Hmmm..interesting FAA news. “And in terrifying news, they haven’t done that already!” Funny joke about Ann ROmney. Creepy joke about Lady Gaga. Hey, I heard about the dentures story. Creepy jokes about chimps. It’s over, already? What about Stefon??? A

-Tigerboy’s Description: Seth Meyers makes jokes about the news and talks with Anthony Crispino, the second-hand news reporter.

-Regular Review: Pretty funny, but Stefon should have appeared.


Dog Channel- Top Dog Chef:

“Rambling Guy”- HAHHAHAHAAH! Dog chefs??? Okay, this is hilarious. “Padma Leash Me.” How did they think of something as bizarre as this? “At random times, we rang the doorbell.” I’m definitely not playing this sketch around my dog. Ewww….”Yes. I have rabies.” “Thought I heard a UPS truck.” This sketch is incredibly funny. “Oh, I messed this up.” “I ate it. I kinda ate everything. Right now there is a sock in my stomach.” Ewww…”Each of you will have to team up with…a cat!” B+

-Tigerboy’s Description: Three dogs compete to become the next top dog chef.

-Regular Review: HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THIS??? It’s bizaare, and classicly funny.

Richard And The Buffalo on B*108*FM:

“Rambling Guy”- This looks like an obnoxious talk show. “Yo, this is mad early.” “Even Al Roker’s still asleep.” “It is so early that the Internet’s still fast.” I can imagine this becoming a recurring sketch. Okay, the joke is that she’s not good at rhyming. That’s funny! “I mean, you said words.” I don’t appreciate the language. The air horns are mildly amusing. “Fun Rider is in Florida, which is in the farthest place in the world!” No one is calling for the contest. Vanessa Bayer is funny as Karen. I’m not saying her nickname. “Everybody in the club got the sniffles.” Once again, no rhymes. “I got that, yo! I love that!” That above quote was about flu symptoms. “You are not my wife’s kid!” B-

-Tigerboy’s Description: An intern at a hip hop radio station can’t rhyme in her impromptu raps.

-Regular Review: The weird nicknames, and other events nearly turned me off (Am I using that phrase correctly?), but Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance made me laugh.


Musical Performance No. 2:

“Rambling Guy”- Wait, never mind. Disregard my note. That was someone else. Okay, I like the music. I’m not sure about the singing, but I hear people randomly saying things again. I don’t like that. I thought it was over in the last song. Okay, the song is “Stubborn Love.” Okay, I’ve looked it up, and the lyrics are appropriate. My only complain is the mild annoyance that’s still prickling at me from the last song. When they say “Whoa oh oh”, it reminds me of fun. I actually liked that band. I really like the violin in this song. B-.

Cinemax, Late Night- “Danielle”:

“Rambling Guy”- So, the final sketch is coming. I hope it’s good. So far, the whole episode has been incredibly good. I’m afraid to say my prediction out loud, because I don’t want to jinx it. The previous sketch almost ruined it, but it turned out to be fairly humorous. Hurry up, commercials! Wait..this is the sketch…Rewind….Oh….DARN IT! Okay, Zarion. Let’s not judge sketches by certain words used in the title. Be impartial. Hmm, Fred Armisen’s first appearance. I don’t find this funny. I think this is mildly racist. Why is Danielle kissing him? Ewww…Okay, I did jinx it. I thought this would be one episode with no bad sketches. I really do not like this. I don’t understand most of this, but I think this is dirty. Okay, Jennifer is putting plates on her head. I think that is why she said she would be playing an idiot. Wait, no. She said she was ‘playing the buffoon.’ F

-Tigerboy’s Description: To tell you the truth, I have no idea what just happened.

-Regular Review: I’m not even going to try.

Revolutionary War Love Letters:

“Rambling Guy”- Wait, no. This is the last sketch. Love letters..”Dear Madelaine, so what;s up?” This is funny. Ewww..Hey, I think that’s Tim Robinson! Ewwww…..Blech…I don’t like this. “Yesterday, I saw this guy get his head blown off.” “Um, are you breaking up with me?” “I was shot… FOR TREASON!” So far, I’m going to give this a D-. Ewwww…..EWWWW……EWWWWWWWW…”Well, this is my last breath.” Bill Hader actually does look like Abraham Lincoln. This has some funny, appropriate line, but I still have to give it an F.

-Regular Review: The clean jokes were good, but the dirty jokes were bad.

-Tigerboy’s Description: A couple in the Revolutionary War era have some issues with what to write about in letters.


“Rambling Guy”- No ‘Cohesive Review’ for this sketch, because it’s simply the Goodnights. I confirm suspicions about possible cameos. Yup, no cameos. Oh, well.

Best Sketch: “Post Hunger Games Press Conference”

Best Commercial Parody: “Verismo Starbucks”

Worst Commercial Parody: “More Hobbit Movies”, by default. Still, it was pretty good.

Worst Sketch: It’s a tie between “Cinemax- Danielle” and “Revolutionary War Love Letters.

Closing Comments: I wish that this episode had made my goal. One whole episode with entirely funny sketches. Well, funny to me, at least. My sense of humor is picky. At least Tim Robinson made an appearance. I haven’t seen much of him throughout the season, but I may have seen him earlier in the episode. Hmmm…I just read Jay Mohr’s first autobiography; Maybe he has been brought on as an writer-actor, similar to Mohr. Oh, well. As long as he makes me laugh. He did in his sketch, but only with the jokes about being shot for treason.

Overall Rating: I can’t decide between a high B+ or a low A-.


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